The health effects of using sex dolls


Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether it is safe to buy a sex doll. As they become more common, the stigma appears to be somewhat disappearing. If you aren’t afraid that you might get weird looks from your neighbors after your all-night-long sex marathons, you might be curious if sex dolls won’t affect your views on what an intimate relationship should look like. In a second, you’ll learn what the attitude of the physicians toward sex dolls is, and what are the possible effects on your mental and physical health. Let’s go!

What do the specialists say?

Before you consider all the possible effects of sex dolls on your body and psyche, you should listen what the doctors say first. A 2019 study has found out that 45% of surveyed physicians and therapists could imagine advising their patients to use sex dolls. Only 11% of them said that they would never recommend using a sex doll in any situation. It appears that older and female experts were less likely to adopt this new way of dealing with various issues, which is pretty understandable. Not that long ago, luxury sex dolls were just a product of imagination, though the technological advancements have made it possible to make them a reality. It means that even though artificial companions are not likely to outright replace other methods of treatment, they might be successfully used in some instances.

Dehumanizing effects?

Is it possible that the growing popularity of both male and female sex dolls will affect the way people interact with each other? To some extent, yes. A sex robot won’t complain about your behavior and it won’t inspire you to be the best version of yourself. It can lead to high expectations, and it might be impossible to fulfill them. 

It’s important to note that this trend hasn’t been started by the sex dolls. You could argue that the internet changed the way people communicate with each other, especially when they live hundreds or thousands of miles from each other, and they don’t feel obliged to treat each other with respect. If it wasn’t the internet, then surely the dating apps transformed completely the way we look at other people. Sure, perhaps some people use Tinder to find a wife or a husband, but most of its users make dozens of split-second decisions, basing their judgment on a picture. It is almost as if you were a customer in a shop, trying to find the best brand of cereal.

You don’t need to look to the future to find the changes in the social dynamics. In a world of today, where people are mutually told that they are perfect the way they are, but also that they are to be blamed for their inadequacies, confusion reigns supreme. Confused by the conflicting messages, some people try to find an alternative. If you don’t consider yourself attractive, but you also lack the will to become the best version of yourself, then a search for the third option begins. For some people, it might involve buying sex dolls. Is it the best solution? Not really. Unfortunately, some people might just think that the world of dating apps is like real life. More than 2000 years ago, Horace was complaining about the behavior of the youth, and their lack of respect toward the elderly. Today, we have the internet, and the effects on younger generations are scary. If we don’t want the fertility rates to plummet, we must try to help young people understand that the world presented on the internet might be unlike the real one. 

Controlling the emotions

Another idea that’s been floating around the internet for quite some time is that sex dolls might help people avoid hurting others. Pedophiles might use them to avoid hurting minors, while people who cannot find a partner, might release their sexual frustration in another way. When it comes to the first group, we currently lack the research to prove this hypothesis. Unfortunately, the second argument is just weak. After the wave of shootings committed by “incels” (involuntary celibate), some people proposed that sex dolls could help them avoid directing their anger at the world. It is an ignorant simplification. It is not the sex itself that such people crave, but the respect and the intimacy. Sure, sex might accompany those things as well, but it is the feeling of acceptance that they most want. Could a robot help in this regard? It is rather doubtful.

Cancer prevention

Although it is not an often explored subject, sex dolls can have a positive impact on our health. People who frequently ejaculate are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, and obviously, a sex doll can promote frequent ejculations. No, it isn’t likely that your doctor will recommend you to buy a sex doll, but you should be aware of all the effects of sex dolls on your body.

What the future holds

If you want to learn about the possible effects of sex dolls on the human psyche, you are likely to encounter polarized views. One group will claim that we had strayed from the path of the righteous when Alexander Bell invented the telephone, while others will introduce you to their synthetic wives with a smile on their face. Okay, it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but one thing is certain: sex dolls are here to stay.