The Most Common Problems With Older Homes

The Most Common Problems With Older Homes

Older homes are historical treasures. Sometimes they offer exceptional architectural detail unfound in contemporary construction projects today. However, while older homes are aesthetically beautiful, they still have specific issues to keep in mind. If you’re a new homeowner or are moving into an older home, here are the most common problems with older homes you should know.

Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are one of the main problems when purchasing an older home. Whether or not you plan to remodel, it’s essential to tackle all foundation problems first. That’s because the foundation is integral to your house’s overall structure and integrity. For instance, if you notice sloped floors, cracks in the drywall, or doors and windows not closing, there is a high chance your house sits on differential settlement—meaning one part of the foundation slopes due to a change in the ground soil. Call a foundation repair person to inspect the property, make all necessary adjustments to level the home, and mitigate these issues.

Water Issues

Foundation issues further play a role in another common issue: plumbing. Older homes are notorious for experiencing water damage. There are many causes of water damage in an older home, but typically this is due to poor construction, plumbing, and severe weather. Foundation repair helps prevent flooding in crawlspaces and basements, but make sure to inspect the gutters, downspouts, and plumbing on the outside and inside of your home. These are all common areas in which water issues occur. Broken gutters can destroy the roof and lead to water pools which can weaken your home’s siding and foundation. Plumbing issues are also quite serious and can cause irreversible flooding damage if a pipe bursts or freezes in the winter. It’s important to address these concerns now before major issues occur.

Rodents and Insects

Finally, be on the lookout for pests. Insects and rodents are a prime infestation of older homes due to natural wear and tear on the house. Any small opening is enough for rodents, bugs, and other pests to crawl inside and make their new home. Mice and rats can get into your food supply, chew wires, and cause further damage to the walls. Certain bugs, like termites or fire ants, can further destroy the wood foundation and cause structural damage. Therefore, call a pest control service if you suspect your home has a critter problem.

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