The Power of Forgiveness


By Geeta Chopra

This is a health column, and you might ask what does forgiveness have to do with health?

The answer is everything!  

The mind body connection is extremely critical in any type physical healing process.  It has been said that all disease is a representation of some unhealthy emotion in the body.  This includes suppressed emotions as well.  The most common types of emotions that lead to sickness and pain are anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, and dread.  This article is not suggesting you are doomed if you have any of these emotions!  We all experience different emotions from time to time, and deal with life tragedies.  However, not facing them and knowing how to let them go can lead to imbalance in the body; and this is where disease is born.

Resentment is one of the worst emotions to hold in your cells.  It’s another word for un-forgiveness.  One of the most powerful things I learned is that forgiveness has nothing to do with condoning someone else’s behavior.  Rather, it is releasing what they did to you higher power so the healing process can commence for yourself.  The only thing worse than what they did, is letting them do it to you again by holding on the spirit of keeping it alive = non-forgiveness.   When you ask God to help you see the situation the way He does, your lens change.  When you ask Him to help you see the other person the way He does, you begin to have compassion and open-mindedness.  A little while later on, you will start to see why they did what they did, and realize we all need help.  Trying to constantly change someone is another form of un-forgiveness.  Full and complete acceptance of the facts gives us a sense of separation and freeness from them.  Only when you implement this, you will know the benefits.  Forgiving yourself for not being perfect or making past mistakes is also a key role in your health.

On a physical level, your body is wise.  It responds to what the mind tells it all day long whether you are conscious of this or not.  For example, think of a time when you are rushing home to give a loved on good news – your heart is beating fast and your breathing increases.  Think of time when you felt sad about some bad news, your breathing probably slowed down, and your energy levels tumbled.  You may have even felt sleepy.  When you do a hobby that you enjoy, your body feels more alive and your appetite is invigorated, for example.  When you are in love, you feel butterflies in your stomach.  When you are embarrassed, your cheeks may turn red.  There are countless examples of this.  Forgiveness works the same way.  The mind tells the body, we are still holding on to poison, and the body tenses up, and becomes rigid.  Blood doesn’t flow freely to the extremities, and organs are malnourished over time.  Muscles spasm, and the stomach gets into knots.  Appetite loss or gain may follow.  Ulcers are also formed due to the amount of stress in the gut – where emotions like fear and anger are typically held.

So, what’s the solution?  It really is releasing.  Your health depends on it. Whatever happened – it’s not worth getting sick over.  You can always get some help from a professional in the field on mind body connection releasing techniques.  Meditation and prayer are a great place to start.  My deep breathing techniques I demonstrated on my TV show are a great way to release old toxic emotions from the body.  Visit a local church, the teachings of Jesus on forgivness are very powerful and life changing.  You can do it!  Love yourself enough to release your past daily.  You are too valuable.

Happy Healing!

Geeta Chopra is the television host of ‘The Geeta Chopra Show.’  She is a health and wellness coach who helps people heal from their root. She is in the process of writing two books, and gives talks on the subject matter.  The approach she uses is influenced by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from George Washington University. She is also the owner of a real estate development company. Follow her on YouTube to watch her latest TV episodes on various natural healing modalities including gut health, pranayama, the mind-body connection, organ detoxification, rejuvenation, and much more. Her book, “To Every Gastroenterologist in America: What You Didn’t Learn and Med School and to Every Patient Who Becomes Their Victim,” is launching in 2020. Follow her on YouTube to get a free copy. Be the best version of yourself!

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