The Problem of a Pipe Bursting

Pipes are an essential and often overlooked part of your home. In fact, in many cases they are hidden in walls and other places, ensuring that your home looks good, and you don’t have to think about your plumbing.

That’s fine in most instances, but when you develop a problem with your pipes it can make it much harder to locate the fault and create a much bigger issue.

There’s actually a good reason why water pipes are fitted into the walls and is not just for aesthetics. The walls provide insulation which saves you money as less heat is lost from the pipes, it also reduces the chances of them freezing.

Why Pipes Burst

If a pipe bursts you’ll need the number of your local plumber Sydney and you’ll need to know where you main valve is to shut off the supply. The level of damage will depend on how long it is between it bursting and you discovering the issue. 

What s important to remember is that a pipe can burst at any time. Most people are aware that freezing conditions causes water to freeze in the pipes, this expands the pipe from the inside and can cause it to burst, creating a leak when the water thaws. 

However, if the pipes are old and rusty, the joints are worn or badly fitted, or the installation hasn’t been carried out properly. Pipes can burst in the middle of summer. 

That’s why you need to know the problems it can cause and how to shut the water off to reduce issues.

Problems Caused By Burst Pipes

The most obvious issue is water. You may be surprised at how quickly a burst pipe can fill a room with an inch or two of water. The flooring will be instantly damaged and most of the furniture that is stood on the wall will also be damaged as it will absorb the water.

The water will also follow gravity, potentially flowing through your home into different rooms, looking for a way out. Depending on the layout and level of your home a burst pipe could cover your entire lower floor in an inch of water in less than an hour! 

The water will also damage the walls. But, that’s just the start of your issues:


You have insurance t cover a burst pipe. But, do you have enough insurance t cover the damaged property and does the policy payout if you’re away and the heating isn’t on or the water isn’t turned off. 

You need to check your insurance policy now.

Clean Up

Another problem of burst pipes is the cleanup costs. You’ll need to remove the damaged flooring, walls, furniture, and bring in pumps to eliminate most of the water as well as air blowers to finish drying your home.

While this is happening you may not be able to stay in your home and will need to go elsewhere.


If the water isn’t cleared properly you’ll be faced with dap areas of your building which will encourage mold growth. Mold can be a health issue and is something you need to deal with quickly. 

Building Damage

Finally, long term water leaks that go unnoticed can damage the foundations of your house, potentially causing movement and cracks in your walls. That’s another issue that will need to be sorted.

It’s not always possible to avoid a pipe bursting but regularly inspecting your water pipes will help.

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