The Process of Updating your NPI Number

Do you intend to start a healthcare organization, or do you want to work in the healthcare sector? Whatever the case, you’ll need an NPI number (National Provider Identifier). This number is given to each healthcare personnel by NPPES (National Plan and Provider Enumeration System). The assigning of the NPI number started on May 23rd, 2007. It is vital among all healthcare personnel as a section of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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Actually, NPPES lookup helps retrieve information required to complete an application form or Medicare and Medicaid claims.  Also, NPPES Lookup will help you find information regarding different medical establishments and practitioners.

What is the Use of NPI Number?

The primary use of this unique number is to enhance accountability among healthcare professionals. So, the number helps in identifying health care experts in standard transactions, including healthcare claims. It’s essential to safeguard essential details such as address update with NPPES current. Note that it’s a requirement for every healthcare provider to update their NPI information by mail or online within a month of the effective change.

How to Update NPI Address Information Online

Updating your NPI address is simple. Here is what you have to do;

Visit the NPPES website

Click on the create an account tab or hit sign in if you already have an NPI account. Note that you have to create an account when registering. During first registration, you’ll need an NPI number plus your first and last name. Other requirements include social security number as well as the date of birth. However, for your organization, you are required to provide the NPI number, the name of the organization, and the Employer Identification Number.


Hit View/Modify NPI data

At this point, you are supposed to hit the ‘View/Modify NPI Data.’ Now provide your current address and press the submit button.

How to Change NPI Address Details by Mail

Download Update Form

Start by downloading the National Provider Identifier Update/ Application form. You’ll get the form from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) forms page. Alternatively, you can search for NPI Enumerator contact to request that the form be sent to you via mail.

Write the NPI Number

On the NPI Update form, check box two and then fill the NPI number in the blank space provided. Having done that, click the ‘change of information’ tab.

Fill in the New Address

Now open section three of your National Provider Identifier Application/ update form. Fill in your new address details. You can report your new residential address in section A on the condition that it’s also your business mailing address. In section B, report your new residential address if it’s your business practice location as well.

Provide your contact Information

Section 5 requires healthcare providers to provide their contact information.

Send the form

Having completed this whole process, you should now submit the Application or Update form.

How to Find Healthcare Professionals on the NPPES Registry

To identify healthcare professionals working under the Medicare and Medicaid systems, you must perform an NPPES lookup. To get all this information you need, you should submit an application form or claim. NPPES registry can help you find individual healthcare professionals and organizations, including hospitals, home health agencies, labs, pharmacies, among others.