The signs of mattress deterioration that tell you it is time for mattress replacement

Replacing your mattresses might become evident if the mattress has crossed its longevity which is usually seven years for soft mattresses and about 10 years for harder mattresses. However, some mattresses might deteriorate faster if the quality is poor and the signs of deterioration together with the feeling of discomfort tell you that it is time for mattress replacement. Choosing a better-quality mattress that you can buy at a lucrative price by availing MattressMatchers – Douglas mattress coupon code can also be a reason for thinking about mattress upgrade.  However, since mattresses can be expensive, timing the replacement should justify the investment. After all, you would not like to waste your money by replacing the mattress at a time when it can last well for a few more years. 

When mattresses become uncomfortable to sleep upon regardless its age, it is a definite sign that you must replace it immediately. Here are some signs that point to mattress replacement.

Mattress age

Mattresses undergo a lot of wear and tear that affects its longevity, and the mattress material plays a critical role in making it last through its life span.  In addition, many more factors contribute to mattress durability. Memory foam mattresses are soft and very comfortable but not so good in withstanding the stress of daily use which makes it prone to faster wear and tear thereby making it last not more than seven years. On the other hand, latex and air-bed mattresses are more durable as it withstands wear and tears better. To find the right air mattress, check out this guide from the unclutterer that will help you to choose the perfect one for a comfortable sleep.​

Usage and sleeping habits are other factors that can accelerate mattress deterioration because more extensive use means damages can happen quicker than expected.

Comfort level

The design, material, and construction of mattress determine the kind of good support it can provide and how long it will last. Some mattresses retain the support by defying its age. However, if you feel that pressure points that did not exist earlier have started bothering you and you feel pain in certain parts of the body, it is a definite sign that you must replace the mattress even if it is not that old. Tossing and turning in bed means that the mattress is at fault and needs replacement.

Mattress surface

Normally, the mattress surface should be even, tight and taut while maintaining the softness for comfort. If you notice that the surface is not ideal and there is some sagging, which can happen after prolonged use, functionally the mattress is dead and needs replacement. The body weight of sleepers puts varied pressure on the mattress at different points, and excess pressure at some places can cause indentations to the mattress. Deformities to the mattress surface lead to discomfort and diminish the support required to maintain the right posture during sleeping, and hence you must replace the mattress. 

Mattresses can become bad if your body weight increases considerably from the time you purchased the mattress.  The firmness and support that was good earlier for the body does not work in the same way and might cause discomfort. This is also a sign for mattress replacement.

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