The takeaways of experiential marketing underline its importance


Reaching out to consumers by using traditional methods of advertising based on commercials is no more effective in eliciting the right response. Commercials on television have lost its impact as consumers can now evade it because live streaming programs without any advertisement are the top choice for TV viewers today. The popularity of Amazon Video and Netflix proves the point. Similarly, online advertising that started with a bang is now struggling to connect with consumers who find it too much intrusive and do not mind to use ad blockers to enjoy ads-free browsing. Consumer apathy for accepting traditional advertising methods has posed a severe challenge to marketers and to overcome the problem they are turning to some top experiential marketing agency to show them the way to connect with consumers more effectively.

In addition to connecting with consumers, it is important to ensure that the brand stands out for which experiential marketing is compelling. Experiential marketing campaigns are the in-thing in marketing today because it breaks all barriers and connects with consumers emotionally by giving them the opportunity of enjoying an immersive experience with the brand. The marketing method is unique in that it invites consumers not only to learn about the brand but also get a feel of it so that they can evaluate it by considering their own experience when interacting with it. 

The goal of experiential marketing

Creating better experiences for brands as well as consumers is the objective of experiential marketing that goes much beyond the traditional marketing approach that revolves around brand education only. Through experiential marketing, it is possible to create lasting impressions on the minds of the consumers by allowing them to test and try out products so that they want to share the experience with others that finally translates into brand loyalty.  The approach is different because it does not speak about the product but instead invite consumers to get a feel of it to envisage its impact on their lives. They come to know how the product would be useful for them because they can try it out and judge it according to their own wisdom. The marketer is just connecting the brand with the positive vibes that consumers experience.  

A major thrust in marketing

Experiential marketing is a major thrust area in marketing today because almost 30% of the companies are ready to devote the biggest share of their marketing budget towards it. Unless you can create an emotional connection between the brand and consumers, no amount of marketing effort can yield the right results of enhanced sales. The charm of experiential marketing is its stunning ability to create buzz as soon as the campaign takes off and it becomes easy to measure the impact of the campaign.  In addition, there are some major takeaways from the campaign as mentioned below.

Long term connections with consumers

Fruitful marketing campaigns do not just focus on driving consumers to buy the brand but also ensure that it creates a long-lasting relationship with consumers that can turn them loyal to the brand. Experiential marketing campaigns can do that for your brand by creating a lasting impression of the brand in the minds of consumers so that they stay connected to it even when not shopping. The brand stays associated with consumers all the while as it enhances their experience in areas even beyond shopping. The idea is to provide wholesome brand experience to consumers that stretch much beyond the brand without diluting the connection with consumers. For example, ticket holders of the Super Bowl event of NFL are excited to get more than their ticket’s worth both in and out of the stadium that keeps them engaged for an extended period. 

Data collection is easy

 Understanding correctly who your consumers are is critical in marketing and this is only possible if you can gather extensive data about them. It helps to understand exactly which kinds of consumers are interested in buying your product. Correct data helps marketers to know the consumer touch points that they can tap for connecting with them most effectively. However, data collection can be quite tricky because trying to gather consumer data aggressively can antagonize consumers and defeat the purpose. With experiential marketing, the task of data collection becomes easy because during and after the live interaction of consumers with the brand, they would be willingly sharing personal data with you. 

A better understanding of your product

Although most consumers are opposed to commercials, they are more open to experience the product when the opportunity comes. Experiential marketing agencies take advantage of this attitude and create opportunities for inviting consumers to get a feel of the product and evaluate it for proper understanding instead of relying on information alone.

Live demonstration and events give the best opportunity to understand a product as most consumers would admit. And this is something special about experiential marketing.