The Top Design Trends for Wedding Invitations

The Top Design Trends for Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the very heart and soul of your wedding stationery. Through their style and design, your invited guests will get a glimpse into who you are as a couple and what they can expect from your wedding. That being said, choosing a design is not a simple decision to make.

The process of creating a wedding invitation design involves a wide array of factors and considerations. You need to think about colors, fonts, styles, ease-of-use, and of course, the cost. If you desire to create a one-of-a-kind, personal invite, here are the top design trends for wedding invitations to set the tone for your celebration.

Eco-Friendly: Recycled or Sustainably-Based

Going green is more than a trend, but there’s no denying the plethora of people choosing to lower their carbon footprint in every way possible. Some of the top design trends for wedding invitations involve a sustainable impact on the environment.

Couples can choose to use more sustainable paper materials such as recycled paper, hemp paper, plantable seed paper, or pulpy handmade paper that comes in a variety of sizes or shapes. These raw and natural paper bases are the best backdrops for beautiful designs.

Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Shapes or Color Statements

Some of the most modern trends seen today are edgy and daring in their stationery design. This trend—which suggests that couples should think outside the box about their invites—has a root in couture fashion design. This theme is all about expertly mixing patterns, dimensions, shapes, and embellishments (such as pressed flowers or 3D textures) into one cohesive aesthetic look.

Supplementary, bold, bright color suites are becoming more and more mainstream to minimalistic whites and blacks. Color is making a strong comeback to compliment and contrast classic and tasteful designs. Even classy floral designs can look equally modern and romantic with the right choice of features. This kind of statement surely adds a sprinkle of personality and fun to a couple’s wedding day.

Finishing Techniques: Modern and Sophisticated Touches

Traditional print finishing techniques remain popular to add a dash of sophisticated touch to simpler linework or illustrations. Out of all the dynamic print finishes available, metallics, foil printing, and embossing rank at the top of the design list. Custom crests and monograms can also add that touch of detail to fit a couple’s personal taste and aesthetics.

Regardless of your choice, if you take the time to customize and combine details, you can communicate far more than the date and location of your big day with your invitations. The best design for your wedding day fits your budget and style but is also authentically representative of all that you are together.

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