The Top Free VPNs for Torrenting 

Free is always a tempting word, but when it comes to choosing solutions for security and privacy, you need to approach the free services cautiously. Free VPNs are now very popular. The considerations you have to make while choosing free VPNs for your personal use are:

  • Whether they are fast enough to do safe torrenting?
  • Do they protect the privacy and safety of users?
  • What is the limit of data usage per day/month?
  • How many servers they connect to and the locations?

However, you have to face a few challenges if you want to install a free VPN for torrenting. In fact, offering high speed and strong encryption protocols through VPN services will actually cost the provider a lot of money, so it may be almost impossible to give free services to the users, but many do it for promotional purposes or as a sign-in offer for limited period. You can use some smart steps to tackle this scenario as by:

  • Using the free trial period and refund periods of the premium VPN services
  • Finding free VPN available for P2P downloading.
  • Checking the free version of reputed VPNs which don’t have any service restrictions.

In this article, further we will try to take a look at a few top free VPN for torrenting and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

1. Windscribe

Windscribe server is based in Canada, and they have the highest population of torrenters than anywhere else in the world. Windscribe is a top choice if you use it for torrent protection. The provider also deletes the connection records immediate after termination of each session. The free version of Windscribe is almost good as its paid version by offering access to servers in 11 countries. The paid version offers access to 52 servers in different countries.

2. is a Malaysia-based VPN, which is an ideal location for VPN as the country’s law allows a no-log policy for the companies. offers a speed of 3 Mbps with its free VPN service and also offers free data allowance of 2 GB a month.

Top VPNs for China

As you know, China as the Great Firewall which restricts the users from accessing the internet of the external world. With the use of relevant VPNs, the users can overcome these restrictions, and here we will list out a few such recommended VPNs for unrestricted internet access in the country.

1. VyprVPN

It has servers at the neighboring countries of China for a faster connection. This free VPN for China is also available for purchase within China. 

2. PrivateVPN

Features a special ‘Stealth mode’ which is strong enough to bypass the Great Firewall of China. The VPN follows no-logs policy with the server located in Hong Kong and other neighboring regions.

3. Ivacy

The VPN has servers in China as well as other neighboring countries and ensures the highest possible speeds. Ivacy also has top-end security features. If there is any connection issue, then you have options to change protocols.

If you are seriously into it, you may have heard of the top options like NordVPN and Express VPN by now, so we excluded it in this list.