The Top Tips for Job Hunting in a New City

The Top Tips for Job Hunting in a New City

What comes first, the move or the job? If you’ve decided to move to another city, it can be hard to decide whether you should look for a job before or after you’ve moved. If you have savings to use while you’re looking, waiting until after you arrive might be easier. However, if you’d rather not dip into savings, you’ll need to find a job before you move.

Explore the top tips for job hunting in a new city to decide when to look and all the other considerations involved in looking for a new career in an unfamiliar town.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

When you’re estimating when to begin your job search, you should give yourself more time rather than less. Job searching can be more difficult than you initially anticipated, and you could find yourself in a financial bind if you’re not careful.

Set Up Job Alerts in Your New City

Sign up for job alerts in your preferred jobs, along with others with similar wording as your desired position. You can set up job alerts on places like company websites, job listing sites, and Google to receive an email or text when an employer is looking for someone. If you apply for a position before others, you can get an edge over your competition.

Apply to Remote Work

Initially, you might search for jobs in multiple cities to get a good idea of what city is better for your industry. But don’t forget about remote work, too! Remote opportunities can make the moving process much easier. Most job sites will have filters where you can choose between on-site, remote, or hybrid (typically, you split your time at the office and at home).

Make Yourself Available for Interviews

Even though most companies are interviewing remotely, you might have to meet in person, especially for jobs that require second- or third-round interviews. Ensure you’re available to interview if that’s the case. Also, you’ll need to include your new address on your resume and cover letter, or else hiring managers could overlook it. Some employers may not want to interview out-of-town applicants.

Time Your Move With Your Start Date

If you receive a job offer before you’ve officially moved to your new city, timing your arrival before your start date can be tricky. Driving your car across the country might not be ideal anymore. Flying to your destination and shipping your car with a reliable logistics company that specializes in shipping vehicles could be faster.

Don’t forget to ask questions about their experience, previous customer service, and shipping speeds. Hopefully, these top tips for job hunting in a new city will help make the transition smoother.

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