The types of the summer programme for 16 to 18 years old

Summer schools can offer you a unique learning experience amidst like-minded people, and authentic university atmosphere. The friendly-ambience can make you feel at home even though you could be many miles away from your country. If you wish to make your summer vacations more productive and distinctively enjoyable, then go for a summer course in your choice of the subject matter. In Cambridge and the UK, you can come across a host of short-term programs for teens that inspire them to make critical decisions about their future studies and career. Some courses that are particularly popular with global students include:

  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • International Relations
  • History 
  • English Literature

Immerse Education runs the following courses for aspiring teens. If you wish, you can also opt for a program here to use your summer vacations smartly.

Mathematics Summer Course

There can be a massive difference in what you study at school and undergraduate levels. Hence, you can have difficulty in transitioning. You can overcome this challenge by going for a mathematics summer program, where you can have an exposure to undergraduate level education. The course helps you to explore the depths of the topics and apply mathematical skills in practical contexts. From probability, integration, and abstract vector spaces to constructive mathematics, you get guidance on these and many other relevant topics from the leading experts in the field. As a result, your comprehension power and self-confidence increases, which can come in handy when you apply to university later.

Medicine Summer Course

Medicine is both a challenging and rewarding field. To reap benefits, you need to devote long hours into this subject. However, schools don’t usually teach you medicine. So, you may not have an idea of how you can fare well in this area. That’s where summer courses in the subject come to play. These short-duration programs introduce you to the experiences of undergraduate level and also help you to make a career decision, mainly if you are an A-level or IB student. The course encourages you to develop independent thinking by taking you through intensive discussions on medical topics and the kind of challenges that a medical student can face at the undergraduate level.

During this course, you can learn about a variety of topics, including anatomy, functional genomics, neuroscience, pharmacology, emergency medicine, and others.

History Summer Course

The summer course, designed for students willing to study History and related subject at the university level, gives you a detailed insight into the A-level and IB-level topics along with advanced materials needed for university education. From European and world history to Independence and modernity to India to the Medieval and Early-Modern World, you will learn about many exciting things. The course will not only help you evolve academically but also to share your enthusiasm for History with the expert tutors from the field. By the end of the course, you can experience a vast improvement in your critical thinking, knowledge, and constructive debate skills.

International Relations Summer Course

Taking up an international relations course would mean you will come across topics relating to the modern world and the domestic and international relations between different countries. It’s a vast area of study that includes Business, Law, Economics, and Politics too. The course will navigate you through international bodies like the EU and the UN, citing incidents that changed the face of global politics and how theory can create a practical impact. There will be animated discussions around various matters, including global crises.  In essence, you can expect to hone your knowledge of the democracy and governance, the post-cold war era, the United Nations’ History, and globalisation and the state, etc.

The course can help you become an independent researcher, a well-rounded negotiator, a critical thinker, and a polished debater. 

English Literature Summer Course

From understanding the importance of literary criticism to the fundamentals of practical criticism, you will learn different aspects of English language and nurture admiration for it. The course will teach you how to analyse the text, how to interpret it with accuracy, and how to explain it in your words. You will delve into the History of English literature, the role of editors in literature, and the challenges that one faces while doing English translations of the foreign language. When you leave the course, you will be more eloquent and precise while discussing literature, which is a rare quality to find in a secondary school student.

Law Summer Course

For bridging the gap between secondary school and undergraduate level, the course transfers information on the academic aspects of the subject as well as the existing legal scenario of England and Wales. You can also expect to attend court cases and workshops for a more real experience of how it works. You will learn about the current events and the theory and information about them. The course will help you pursue Law at university level without any issue or discomfort. Your argument skills, critical thinking, and knowledge of the legal system can substantially increase in two weeks.