The Unexpected Benefits of a Clean Car Interior

The Unexpected Benefits of a Clean Car Interior

On average, most of us don’t clean our car interior nearly enough, and we know it. When we’re in a rush to get to where we are going, it’s just easier to leave the trash, old sweaters, tennis shoes, and other odds and ends in the car with the promise that we’ll get to it later. Then, later never comes. But maybe if we knew all the unexpected benefits of a clean car interior, we might clean it a little more often.

Safer Commute

When people think of making their car safer, they usually focus on more exterior factors like better tires and checking your brake pads. We don’t think about the things in the car with us being safety hazards. Clutter in the car not only makes it difficult to focus, but it has the potential to roll under your pedals, making you unable to hit the gas or brake. Beyond that, in the event of a car accident, especially a rollover, all those odds and ends in your car can become tiny projectiles, potentially hitting you and your passengers.

Improved Health

Right now, there is a huge emphasis on wiping down surfaces in order to prevent spreading illness. Now think about how seldom we wipe down the steering wheel, dashboard, and handles in our car. This is especially problematic considering how much time we spend in our cars. Along with the germs, the accumulating dust in our carpets can also cause allergies or asthma to act up.

Less Stress

You don’t only feel better health-wise in a cleaner space. Our minds like order, and the chaos of clutter tends to have a negative effect on our mood. This may manifest itself in heightened anxiety and even an exasperation of depression symptoms. It’s why we are less productive at a cluttered desk. Taking time to clean out your car will help take some of the stress out of your day, especially as you are walking out of work.

Better Fuel Economy

Another unexpected benefit of a clean car interior is that it makes the whole car run cheaper. The heavier the car, the more gas is needed to make it go. This is easy to visualize when you think of the fuel economy of a large truck vs. a smaller car. But even a smaller car will need to use more gas if it’s weighed down by the contents of the passenger compartment. That trunk that you’ve said you’re going to clean out is actually costing you just a little extra every time you go to the pump, and after a while that adds up.