Things To Check When Buying an Old House

Things To Check When Buying an Old House

People looking to buy a home have many things to consider before buying. For potential buyers, the age of the house can play a big part in the final decision. Most soon-to-be homeowners know what they want in a home, but they should check a few more things when buying an old house. Knowing what they’re getting into can make future maintenance easier to manage.

Detectors and Alarms

When you look through your potential new home, inspect each room for smoke alarms and gas detectors. You should see a working smoke detector in the living room, kitchen, and all bedrooms. If the home has a basement, look for a radon detector. If you don’t see one, then installing one should be your top priority when moving in. Alarms keep homeowners safe and can ensure residents get out of danger with minimal risks.

Electrical System

If you’re considering an older house, check out the breakers and take a look at the electrical system. There are many dangers of Federal Pacific Electrical panels, and many old homes still have them. These faulty systems cause numerous house fires every year. If you notice the house you’re considering has these panels, you’ll want to hire an electrician to upgrade the system as soon as possible.

Foundation Issues

One thing to check when buying an old house is how the foundation may affect the rest of the home. Imbalanced foundations can result in sticky or slanted doors or windows that require more effort to open and close. Take a look at the ground around the outside of the house, and check if any windows or doors cause you any trouble when opening and closing them. Some potential buyers bring a level on house tours to check if the counters, door frames, and any other surfaces are slanted.