Things To Do on Your Vacation to the Caribbean

Things To Do on Your Vacation to the Caribbean

Whether it’s your first visit or it has been a while since you’ve set foot on the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, you’ll want to know everything it offers. Take the time now to plan a trip to places like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. Every itinerary starts with fun things to do on your vacation to the Caribbean.

Row On Through Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico

The word “mosquito” might worry you, but that’s not why it’s named Mosquito Bay. Mosquito Bay gets its name from a pirate ship called El Mosquito, owned by Roberto Cofresi. The pirate often hid the boat in the bioluminescent bay for easier access to the ocean.

What To Do in Mosquito Bay

There are countless activities to do in Mosquito Bay. But one thing to avoid doing before coming is applying bug spray. As we mentioned above, the name, Mosquito Bay, isn’t derived from the bloodsucking insect, and wearing bug spray is harmful to native algae.

Aside from avoiding bug spray, take a stroll at night to admire the beautiful bioluminescence of the water. Don’t forget to take pictures and enjoy a gorgeous light show closer to Earth than the Northern Lights.

Swim With Pigs at Pig Beach in the Bahamas

What’s the best part of the Bahamas besides the picturesque scenery? Swimming with wild pigs! One of the most popular beaches in the Bahamas is Pig Beach. At this beach, tourists swim around and even take selfies with these cuties.

What To Do Around Pig Beach

There is far more to do around the island. Tourists can take boat tours to Big Major Cay, where Pig Beach is located, to admire other scenic spots. You could also drink with locals at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Try facing your fears and swim with the sharks at Compass Cay Marina. The sharks you swim with aren’t great whites; they’re nurse sharks. These fish are bottom feeders; they feed on other bottom dwellers, such as sea urchins, squid, and lobster.

Play a Round of Golf in Punta Espada, Dominican Republic

The Caribbean isn’t only for those who enjoy the water; there are plenty of activities to do on land. The most fun, relaxing activity to do is golfing. The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s finest golf courses. Take a swing at one or go for the views; there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of the courses to check out is Punta Espada in the Dominican Republic.

Why Golf at Punta Espada, Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic has many beautiful spots, but one of the most eye-catching is Punta Espada. Golf course visitors indulge themselves in spectacular views of the sea and beautiful green grounds. Before arriving in the Dominican Republic, try the Punta Espada golf course simulator at home first.

You deserve to enjoy every activity you can during your trip to the Caribbean. Make a list today of fun activities to do in the Caribbean for everyone to do. There is so much fun for everyone, just as much as there is natural beauty to discover.