Things To Know Before Getting a Gel Manicure

Things To Know Before Getting a Gel Manicure

From traditional to acrylic sets, there are tons of manicure options. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the vast selection. One popular choice worth considering is a gel manicure. If you aren’t familiar with gel nails, this easy-to-follow guide will uncover a few things you should know before getting a gel manicure.

Last Longer Than Regular Manicures

An attractive part of gel manicures is their long-lasting nature. Gel nails don’t chip or smudge like regular manicures. Gel nails last between two to three weeks and uphold their appearance. If you enjoy frequently switching up styles, gel nails aren’t the way to go. However, if you’re interested in long-lasting manicures, this is a great option.

Cost More Than Regular Manicures

Another thing to know before getting a gel manicure is that they often cost more than traditional manicures. When you visit a salon, expect gel nails to start around $30. Furthermore, nail gems and accessories will hike up costs. Although gel manicures are more expensive than regular nail looks, their durability makes them worth every penny!

With traditional polish, you can expect a chipped manicure within one week. Consider going with the long-lasting and beautiful option instead: gel nails!

You Need a LED or UV Lamp

A significant difference between traditional and gel manicures is that gel nails require LED or UV lights to dry. The process is known as “curing,” where the light reacts to the polish chemicals and dries the manicure. You can’t complete gel nails without a UV or LED lamp because the polish won’t dry.

Improper Application Ruins Nails

Like any nail look, improper applications ruin manicures. If you plan on brushing gel polish on top of an acrylic set, it’s essential to follow good techniques like buffing the nail’s surface. Doing so prevents the polish from peeling. Furthermore, applying thin coats of polish is important too. Thick coats of polish are one of a few mistakes that can cause your gel polish to peel off your acrylics.

Rehydration Is Necessary After Manicure

When you soak off a gel manicure, it’s critical to hydrate your nails. Your natural nails need frequent moisturizing with lotion or hand cream. You should also apply cuticle oil twice a day. Caring for your nails after a gel set helps you achieve happy and healthy hands. It also strengthens your nails before your next manicure.

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