Things To Remember When Selling Your Junk Car

Things To Remember When Selling Your Junk Car

There comes a time when someone either totals their car or it becomes too expensive to fix. Their options are to sell the vehicle to the junkyard or donate the parts. If you decide to sell your car to a junkyard, your vehicle will most likely get picked apart by those looking for specific parts. Wherever your vehicle goes, it’s important that you remember these four tips when selling your junk car.

Check Around for a Quote

Before you sell your junk car to one business, shop around to see which company can give you the best quote. Going with the first number you see is tempting, but exploring your options is essential. You could miss out on a better payout by sticking to one business. When inquiring, ask what factors they base their calculations on to determine the value.

Cancel the Auto Insurance Policy

One of the most important things to remember when selling your junk car is to cancel your auto insurance on the vehicle. We know you can easily forget to cancel the policy with all the excitement of finally getting the car off your hands. As soon as you decide to sell your car, assuming you won’t be driving it again, you should cancel the insurance.

Remove Personal Items

If you got in a car accident and totaled your car, you’re probably not thinking about the items in your vehicle. However, when you have time, you should search through the car—the best you can— for personal items. Once you sell the vehicle to the junkyard, you won’t be able to get your credit card, jacket, or shoes you left in the car.

Remember To Take Off the License Plate

When selling your junk car, please remember to take the license plate. Why? Because it saves you headaches and stress. The DMV will ask for the license plate when it’s time to cancel the title of your car. If you’re unsure, contact your DMV to inquire, but it’s best to remove it just in case.