Things You Need to Know About Bissell Pet Hair Vacuums

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As a pet owner, you know how difficult it is to keep a home tidy. Especially when your pets are the hairy type, then their fur is probably everywhere. They can be found on the floor, on the ledges, on top of cabinets, on the windows, on your sofa, and even on your bed. It is actually quite a hassle but because of your love for your fur babies, you will do length just to keep them in your lives no matter the difficulty and hassle that they bring. The difficulty and hassle are offset by the affection and love you get from your pets. 

As it is inevitable that their fur will be all-around your house, you just have to find ways to clean it. You can sweep with a broom, or mop the floors. You can also wipe the surfaces with a rug. To help you clean these things, you might also need different cleaning agents to help you wipe the floor, surfaces, and crevices of your house. However, you will never be able to totally rid your house of this hair or if ever you are lucky enough that you will, then it’s going to take much of your time and effort. 

Thankfully, there is now a device that will help you with this task. It is the invention that every pet owner must-have. Especially for those with someone in the family who has allergies, this can be of great help. All you need is a powerful vacuum. There are a lot of models out there like Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A which is fit for your needs. 


Bissell or Bissell Home Care is one of the leading companies that sell vacuum cleaners in the United States. It was founded in 1876 by Melville Bissell. Today, this company has a 20 percent market share of the vacuum cleaner industry and provides the leading products in vacuums that specialize in cleaning the hair of pets. Their innovations and care for their client’s needs have allowed them to stay as one of the top in the industry throughout the years. Click here to learn more about Bissell. 

Pros of the Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

This vacuum was specifically designed to clean out the fur of all kinds of pets. It doesn’t matter if they are long or short. This machine is equipped with a free brush roll to make sure that nothing gets tangled as you clean. Unlike in other machines, fur can get tangled in the opening which will get in the way of properly cleaning everything. 

Another great design of this machine is that it is equipped to clean up even when the hair is damped or wet. When you are cleaning big balls of fur like a hairball that cats cough up, you won’t have to worry about it clogging. This pet hair eraser will do the job for you and clean it thoroughly. 

It is also expected that some of the hair is difficult to remove because the fur of pets is covered with natural oil. This machine, however, is powerful enough and equipped with the right tools to make sure that even the oily hair that is stuck on the crevices and corners of your house will be effectively removed. Using this machine, it will spare you the agony of having to squat down and remove the stuck fur by hand. 

This contraption was designed with a high-tech filtration system and a very tight seal to make sure that it sucks up all the debris, dirt, dander, and grime to ensure that nothing is left behind. This is very beneficial if you have people in the house who are asthmatic or have allergies. This cleans thoroughly and will help keep your home safe from allergens. 

This cleaning machine uses a swivel head, which is an innovation of Bissell. This swivel head allows it to be ultra-maneuverable so that you won’t have a problem with different types of surfaces, crevices, or edges. This innovation allows for a smooth and convenient way of cleaning the whole house without the hassle of changing the head to be able to clean properly. 

This contraption can be used to clean both carpet and hard surfaces. It is even more effective in cleaning carpets as it was designed to remove fur. When you decide to clean the hardwood surface, you need to make sure that you turn off the brush roll so that you won’t scratch up the floor. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650a is perfect for any home. 

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This machine can do so much for you. If you have pets, then you surely need one of these to keep your house as clean as possible in an effective and efficient way. With this machine, you can clean your house quickly because of its innovative design. If you doubt its capabilities, go to your nearest vacuum store and test it out for yourself so that you will see the wonders that you can do with this machine.