Time-saving tips for Long Distance Moving

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Relocation of the company can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a fair and efficient move, whether or not you are responsible for this procedure. Well, we help with a wide range of services such as cheap furniture movers in Canberra, mobile storage, mobile mounting and dismantling, relocation, national and international relocations, movers, furniture reconditioning. The most effective way to relocate your business is to turn to specialized services, as mentioned above. The moving process can be hard and stressful, but here you will find the tips that we propose for a perfect move. See here.

Plan the period you want to relocate

Before you decide to move your company’s headquarters, plan the period you want to do this. It is essential to know the date of the mutation because you will avoid confusing specific business plans. If you already have the location found, check when your initial contract expires and which is the start date for the new office. Based on this information, you will know exactly when you should move the company headquarters. Also, you will have time to let all employees know.

Lists each stage in the calendar

For a maximum and the safe result, write down in the diary everything you need to do every day. It is essential to record your periods in the schedule because you will not have problems during the entire moving process.

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 Once you have this planning, you should turn to long distance moving companies to know which one suits your needs. Check their websites or make some phone calls. By doing so, you know that you will be able to find one that would fit your budget.

Employee Information

Before calling a shipping company, you must inform employees to put their personal belongings in boxes and write down their names to avoid certain mistakes between objects. Computers or other objects of this kind must be secure and safe to prevent some mischief. Also, anglers need to know the new location and start date at the new headquarters.

Choose a relocation company

Companies offer diversified and affordable services for any budget. In addition, the team of specialists helps you with dismantling and re-fitting office furniture. There is no need to bring separate people; we take care of everything. Also, employees take care that all objects do not deteriorate throughout the journey. Office items are essential and that’s why we focus our attention on perfection and safe transport.

Also, such a company helps you set a limit term for each step of the plan. It is critical to tell the company the right date for moving the headquarters to have time to prepare early.

More info: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2012/11/16/8-steps-to-a-successful-job-relocation/#1175253014ed

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Packing or dismantling activities require good working hours, so you need to focus on these terms. You can tell the consultant the move plan, which is very important for the relocation company.

Take time from the formalities with moving the headquarters

This stage is essential because the relocation firm must have access to the new offices. Such formalities include: changing/adding the address in company documents to the Trade Register, informing service providers (light, gas, internet, mobile, and fixed telephony, courier, water, coffee, cleaning, etc.) regarding the new premises. Other formalities are related to the conclusion of the sale, purchase or rental contract. Without a hand contract, that relocation cannot be performed.

Preparation for the day of the move

It would help if you reminded employees of the resettlement day to prepare your things in advance. Also, the new headquarters must be a person to provide access to the relocation company. If there is a larger office space, you need to inform employees from the administration and reception. They must provide access to the building and the office.


If the old furniture you want to throw is in excellent condition, one option would be to give it away. Moreover, to give the old furniture, it would be best to get in touch with some friends, relatives or acquaintances that you know will need a bed, a mattress, a comforter or a wardrobe. If you do not have anyone close to receiving your old furniture, then it would be worth contacting one or more non-governmental organizations working with elders or children. Non-governmental organizations all the time need a variety of donations, so it will not be hard to find one that accepts your old furniture.


If your furniture is in excellent condition, an interesting idea would be to try to make money from it. Moreover, the amount you’ll get from selling old furniture will be able to reinvest it in some modern pieces. To sell old furniture, you only have to post each item and then upload your photos to a free classified ads site. Moreover, of course, think of a price for each object! To get an idea about what to ask for, the easiest thing to do is look at furniture items similar to yours, for sale on that free ads site.

Call a company that collects old furniture

If you did not know, some companies could receive your old furniture for free. As a rule, these companies recondition old furniture and put it out for sale. Alternatively, if furniture is not in the best condition, keep parts of it, then use it for other pieces of furniture.

Preparing for cleaning

The stage of qualifying for general cleaning in your future home is crucial. Therefore, besides purchasing products and cleaning and mobilizing aid, you still have to do one thing. More precisely, a few days before the moving company transports your furniture to the new home, talk to its representatives and ask them to place all your belongings in a single room. Alternatively, in two if I do not fit into one. Thus, you and your helpers will be able to make cleaning easier.

How to get rid of cleanliness

If you do not want to stink at all in the future house, turn to a company that offers cleaning services. To find a professional cleaning company to do a great job, we recommend that you document very well and also ask for recommendations for your acquaintances.

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