Time To Shine: The 5 Best Citizen Watches You Need To Watch Out This Year 

It is true that many people had known several brands of luxury watches in the market. They even wanted to own the most prestigious and luxurious watches to be able to help them define their status in life. 

While there are lots of luxury watches that are out in the market, one brand has been establishing a great review in the market. These are classified as Citizen Watches. This type of watch primarily promotes a safer environment by utilizing light as a power source. 

So, if you have no idea what Citizen watches are, in this article we’d like to introduce to you the top Citizen watches that drives an eco-friendly characteristic in the market today. Let’s get started. 

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk GPS

This kind of watch has a lot of things to offer. You will get overwhelmed with tachymeter details included in the bezel specifically if you don’t know them in the first place. It looks great by all means whether you admit it or not. 

It has a black textured face that compliments to its stainless steel case and bracelet.  Additionally, this does not only define the whole aesthetic of the watch but also includes a little green detailing on its subdials and main dials. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch 

This kind of Citizen watch is the sportiest type of watch you’ll see in any given Citizen watch brand. This comes in a blue colored leather watch which makes it more stunning to look at.  The blue strap is specifically detailed with small holes which makes the watch look sportier. 

Besides, this watch has also a tachymeter detailing that comes in a stainless steel deep dark bezel case. Also, the filling and markers are all luminous and have a water resistance that can reach up to 20 ATM. 

Citizen Ladies’ Eco-Drive Silver and Crystal Watch 

If you are looking for a watch with an overall sophistication look, the Citizen Eco Silver-Tone and Crystal Watch must be a great choice. The simplicity and elegance of this design make the watch a more timeless thing treasure.

Moreover, this watch comes with a skinny metal strap which is perfect is showcasing your full elegant and sleek look. It comes in black color with a dual crystal-themed hand. 

Citizen Ti+IP Eco-Drive Analog Steel Watch 

The most common watch design and color come in a typical blue or silver combination. Although this watch has the said color, what makes this watch unique is its useful feature and sleek design. 

Further, this watch has come in a blue cerulean appearance along with its dial tone which makes it distinct compares to other watches. Also, its subdials can almost form an eight-figure with a fiver bezel placed aligned to the linear markers.

Lastly, the second’s hand of this clock comes in blue color which is situated on the subdial hands. The blue second’s hand is completed by the silver stainless steel color which makes this watch more appealing. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Date Strap Watch 

The Citizen Eco-Drive Date Watch is one the citizen watches that comes in the most attractive dark watch straps. It has a full clean and bright face with two awesome characteristics. One of these characteristics is the cream dial engraved with a black numeral.

The second characteristic is the subdials that help detect the day and date of the week or the current month you are into. Also, the best feature that this watch has to offer is the blue hands which help in telling the time easier. 


While there are lots of luxury and branded watches that are out in the market, the Citizen watches had a made an alternative way of making a more innovative watch option that people can definitely choose and wear anytime. 

Hence, the types and classifications of Citizen watch enumerated above should give you enough reason in investing this type of luxury watches. 

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