Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Car Clean With Kids

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Car Clean With Kids

Parenthood is an adventure that often takes you on the road with your kids. In a rush between leaving the house at the right time(ish) and disembarking upon arrival, your car’s clutter and messes pop up on your radar even if you can’t address them at the moment.

But a clean car helps minimize chaos, and organizing items makes for a safer ride. If you find yourself constantly fighting off the clutter, use these tips and tricks for keeping your car clean with kids.

Use Organizers To Give Everything a Place

Car organizers that attach to the back of the front car seats make it easy for you and your kids to locate, access, and stow away items. These backseat organizers can hold drinks, games, electronic devices, books, snacks, and toys. However, don’t leave temperature-sensitive items in the car for long periods.

Keep small objects, like band-aids or phone chargers, in the backseat organizer or compartments in your car, such as the glovebox. Optimize the storage in your glovebox by using a small binder or folder to organize important papers. Having a place for everything is a great trick for keeping your car clean with kids.

Use Cleaning Supplies and Protective Accessories

While you can use other kinds of small receptacles as trash cans in your car, a trash can specifically made for cars will stay attached to the back of a car seat headrest or on the center console. This way, your trash can’t move around as you drive.

To keep cupholders clean, insert cupholder liners, silicone cupcake liners, or even napkins into them. These liners make it easy for you to remove debris and liquid messes from cupholders. Also, keep wet wipes in the glovebox for sticky spills.

Consider using protective accessories such as all-weather floor mats. Outfitting your car with these accessories makes it easier to clean and prevent long-term damage in your vehicle, making them a great way to keep your car clean year-round.

Prevent and Respond to Crumbs, Dirt, and Spills

Tap your shoes clean before entering the car to prevent debris from landing on and potentially sticking to your carpet. Also, you can use rubber car floor mats. Plus, you can wash them in the dishwasher.

To avoid accumulating unnecessary items, take something into the house every time you leave the car. That way, you won’t have to contend with mounds of stuff when you do a deep clean of your car.

Enjoy the Clean Ride

Any ride from point A to point B involves lots of points in between when you’re riding with kids. But by using the right accessories, keeping supplies on hand, and taking small actions daily, you can make your drives safer and stay focused on what’s important.

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