Tips for Buying Vintage Havana Footwear

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Whether you are planning a hiking trip or you love taking nature walks, there is appropriate footwear for you. However, the process of getting a fitting pair might be stressful. Apart from quality and fit, most people want a pair of shoes that will look good on them. This means that you need to do thorough research before heading to the store.

So, before checking out the Sculpthouse havana shoes vintage collection, check out our tips for buying footwear. 

The Mistakes You Make and Expert Tips for Getting the Right Pair of Footwear

Here, we will address some mistakes you may have been making and how to avoid them when you want to make a purchase.

1. Buying the Wrong Style and Size for Your Feet 

A common mistake that some people make is allowing someone else to tell them what footwear is suitable for them. What you should do is put them on, move some distance within the store, then continue trying other pairs till you get one that feels comfortable and good on you.

Sometimes also, we buy shoes that are slightly tight with the excuse that they will stretch with time. Well, that ideology is wrong and won’t work. So, ensure that the pair you choose fits well before leaving the store. 

Additionally, you may want to consider seeing a podiatrist before shopping. They will help you discover the specific needs of your feet. That way, you can know the kind of footwear that is suitable for you.

2. Not Considering the Activities You Would Do with the Footwear

There is a specific type of shoe for any activity you plan to undertake. From a perspective of injury prevention, whether you want to run, walk, or play tennis, you have to pick footwear that is specific to that activity. You may want to get more information on this here:

Additionally, most of us do not consider a very important aspect of shoes, the sole. Good quality shoes that are supportive usually have soles that do not bend easily, with a little heel attached to them. If you are buying a vintage Havana for everyday use, you may want to consider the fact that the sole could be compromised much faster.

3. Not Questioning or Communicating with the Salespeople

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Before you step into a shoe store, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of shoes have worked well for your feet in the previous years?
  • Are your feet narrow or wide?
  • Have you had foot problems like hammertoes, bunions, heel and arch pain, or blisters?
  • Do your ankles or feet swell at any point in the day?
  • Have you experienced injury or any pain in the joints like the ankles, hips, and knees?

Being aware of any problems you may have had over the years will equip you with enough knowledge for your shopping. This implies that you will easily identify the kind of shoes that can or cannot work for you.

Also, if you need a specific shoe for running or walking, it is important to check specialty running shoe stores where specialists can examine your form and gait while running. This may be quite intimidating but rest assured that most people who walk into such stores are just like you. They may also be new to walking or running and want to get the right fitting.

You may also want to read this article to know how you can take care of your feet.

4. You Have Been Switching Brands

When you are not consistent with a brand, you may never stop having problems with your fitting. This is because different brands use different sizing methods. So, a size 10 in brand A may run small in brand B. but when you finally find one that works well for you, it is best to stick with it.

Most brands are consistent with their shoes. Hence, you can trust them enough to buy some shoes that would be nice to your feet. Except for the design changes drastically, it would be good for you to stick to a brand that you like.


Our feet are like our fingerprints; they are unique to us. So, when you want to get a vintage Havana, ensure you are fully aware of what your foot needs before buying.