Tips for Designing Party Invitations

Tips for Designing Party Invitations

Drugstores, party stores, and big-box office emporiums offer wide varieties of stationery for all your party-planning needs. If you have invitations to send out, companies have you covered. Settling for premade, boilerplate invitation cards can save you a bit of time, but you won’t have a chance to showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.

After staying home for so long, we understand if you’re taking your gatherings more seriously than ever, from the menu down to the invitations. We wholeheartedly support that commitment to excellence and wish to offer you a few tips for designing party invitations so that your first big events are memorable from the moment your family and friends find out.

Get the Tone Right

Birthday parties, baby showers, and 4th of July cookouts all have very different tenors, so their invitations should differ as well. Pay close attention to your invitation’s “voice” to make sure it matches the event. Select your words, color scheme, and typeface with care.

Don’t Leave Out the Important Information

Don’t let function be the enemy of form as you design. While an attractive invitation is important, you don’t want to omit any necessary details because you got too caught up in backgrounds, borders, and color schemes. Make sure to mention the date, time, and location, along with your contact information. If you want guests to bring a plus-one or some contributions to the party, make a note of it, and if you feel you need to specify a dress code for the event, do so.

Get Them Out on Time

No matter which tips for designing party invitations you implement, what matters most is that the invitations reach their recipients in a timely manner. Invitations that arrive too early or too late can be major party-planning fouls before the day even arrives. You don’t want to give your guests too little time to schedule their attendance, but on the other hand, don’t get so excited about throwing your party that you give your invitees time to forget they’ve made plans.

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