Tips for Going Natural & Healthy this Halloween, While Still Keeping it Fun

healthy halloween, trick or treat healthy snacksAccording to the National Retail Federation, roughly $7 billion will be spent on the Halloween season. A good portion of that money will go to candy purchases, which will be given away to the tens of millions of trick-or-treaters who take to the community streets and neighborhood parties. Armed with a bag full of candy, many parents worry about whether or not their child is getting a sugar overload as this yearly holiday makes its way through their home. The good news is that there are ways that people can help make Halloween more natural and healthy.

“Halloween is an exciting time for kids, so the last thing we want to do is take away their fun,” explains Dr. Bruno Sharp, a fourth-generation dentist who created a line of products called Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care, and is celebrating his 10th year as a Natural Oral Care provider. “We can still keep it fun and yet make it healthier. Most kids may not even realize that parents took steps to make it more natural.”

Dr. Sharp offers these tips for going natural and healthy this Halloween:

  • Prior to Halloween, visit your dentist to have sealants put onto your kids’ teeth to seal and protect the enamel grooves, avoiding dental decay.
  • Give your children a good nutritious meal before they go trick-or-treating. Mashed pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and a great snack. If they are not hungry while trick-or-treating, they will be less likely to try and fill up on empty calories and sugar.
  • Try to avoid all unnecessary sugar that day. That way, if they do have a few treats later, they won’t run the risk of overdosing on sweets.
  • Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you.
  • Supervise your children to have their teeth brushed and flossed immediately after consuming Halloween candy and right before bed.
  • Parents who are handing out treats to trick-or-treaters or donating snacks for parties should opt for non-sugary foods, such as individual bags of crackers, granola bars, or fruit leather.
  • Encourage kids to walk when they are trick-or-treating, so they get some exercise as they gather their treats.
  • Make sure your children use high quality, natural non-fluoride toothpaste.
  • If your child gets a large amount of candy, encourage them to keep half of it and donate the other half to a shelter, sell it to a dentist office candy buy-back, or give it to one of the organizations that sends it to U.S. troops overseas.

“Healthier Halloweens are not only simple to do, but your child will grow accustomed to them and it will become the norm,” added Dr. Sharp. “You will be helping them establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.”

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Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care is a line of natural oral care products that were created by a fourth-generation dentist. All products are made from natural, safe non-GMO ingredients, and are made in the USA. The product line includes toothpastes for children and adults, mouthwash, and dental tape. For more information, visit the site at: Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @drsharpnaturaloralcare