Tips for Making Asphalt Parking Lots Last Longer

Tips for Making Asphalt Parking Lots Last Longer

Whether your business utilizes a parking lot or you’re the one who repairs them, maintaining the integrity of asphalt is your number one priority. The weather and traffic are the two main factors that cause lots to crack and crumble. To avoid an ugly, non-functional space, check out these tips for making asphalt parking lots last longer.

Drain Standing Water

The first step to keeping asphalt happy and healthy is ensuring that all standing water drains appropriately. Parking lots with poor drainage suffer the most from rain, snowfall, and any environmental moisture that builds on the surface. This issue progressively gets worse, so it’s best to act fast.

As cracks naturally appear over time, water seeps in under the surface, and when that water freezes in the winter, the ice expands and pushes up chunks of asphalt. This leads to more cracking, further destruction, and potholes. Don’t wait to remove standing water.

Don’t Wait on Repairs

Asphalt decay is a continuous process that intensifies each and every day. Much like standing water, you should never wait to address necessary repairs. When possible, get any cracks filled and sealed and repaint the entire parking lot often, too. With fast action, repairs cost less because they’re contained in small areas and become less frequent.

Complete Standard Maintenance

Along with timely repairs, it’s mutually beneficial for businesses and asphalt repair companies to continuously monitor their parking lots. Standard maintenance includes cleaning up any debris, such as branches, trash, oil spills, and dirt.

These objects strip away protective seal coating and slowly erode asphalt. Additionally, you should seal coat every two to three years and do this process in the warm, dry months.

Use these three tips for making asphalt parking lots last longer to boost the reputation of your business. Whether your parking lot is for customers or your profession is to repair them, a well-kept area shows care and offers a better experience for clientele.

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