Tips for making sex fun

Nature is wise and provided us with a sense of survival and prolongation of the species. But what it didn’t count on is that, like all activities and tasks that are carried out routinely, they eventually become monotonous and even boring. Fortunately, human beings enjoy sex, which lightens the reproductive burden.

Over time, the way we relate to each other has been constantly changing. It has been more than proven that sexual relations are a very important part of the relationship, no matter what kind it is. So what can be done to avoid boredom and monotony?

There are many options to try and improve this aspect. The limits are always going to be in the imagination. Here are some tips from the experienced escorts in London to add that bit of spice and fun to the relationship.

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Trying new things is always good, but where are the limits? To begin with, if you want to test the waters and start to vary, it is very simple. We recommend:

  • Try out positions: the cowgirl, the doggy style, the lotus flower, the star, the spoon and so on. Depending on your elasticity and skill, the famous Kamasutra book offers endless possibilities. 
  • Places: When there is desire and passion, any place is good. The bed is of course the typical and most comfortable in the end but there are other places that can be very erotic if proposed. The sofa when “watching a movie”, the kitchen, the shower… A quickie that surprises from time to time may also be exciting. Although you can also prepare a room in a special way to make it even more special. But that’s not all, there is a whole world to explore outside the home. For the more daring, public places, motels, changing rooms, gyms…
  • Sexual practices: Oral sex, anal sex, French kissing, BDSM, massages, tantra, sexting, swinging, orgies, stripteases… On the Internet you can get a lot of information about all of them to see which one can be more interesting and attractive to try.

Time to play

Any board game or object can be used and eroticized with some imagination, just ask the Brisbane escorts who are able to do it in their daily life. Although it is clear that some of them can do it more easily than others. The important thing here is to let yourself go and enjoy, so if the spark arises in the middle of the game… Let the temperature rise!

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  • Strip poker and similar: Every time someone loses, they pay for a piece of clothing. The intention is to see who loses their clothes first. It can be done with all games, not only with poker. 
  • Sex dice: Special dice in which instead of numbers there are words with actions and body parts. Need I explain anything else? If you don’t want to buy dice, you can make them with secret papers.
  • How long can you stand: Surprise your partner or special friend while they are doing a routine task such as cooking, playing video games or watching a movie. Give them a kiss on the neck, caress their leg higher and higher… You can start gently and increase as much as you want. See how much the other person is able to maintain their concentration and not give in to temptation.
  • Do you dare to…: This game is very good for testing people’s limits and creativity. But first you have to establish the “punishment” for the first person who does not dare to do something. 
  • Voucher for…: These are always a good gift if you know your partner so that they can exchange it whenever they want. Or you can even leave it blank so that the other person can fill it in to satisfy a possible fantasy. 
  • Untie: It is very simple, an orgasm is a point, the idea is to count them and get the balance. Provoke each other to continue adding and then feel the obligation to return it and get to equal the counter again.
  • Body painting: A blank canvas, body paint and a lot of passion. These are the ingredients needed to create an erotic painting. You can paint directly on the body or test the mark you are able to leave after the act.
  • Guess the taste: Blindfolded, the idea is to put some food on your lips and kiss the other person so that they can taste it and guess what it is. There is also a similar version in which you only have to guess what part of the body you are kissing by touching your lips and without seeing.
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Alone or accompanied?

It is clear that even a single person can have a wonderful time with themselves and their two little hands. But whatever they are, you can add some objects to the party that can make it more fun. You can try things like: 

  • Sex toys: Chinese balls, vibrators, dildos… and even the well-known clitoris sucker. There are countless types, models, shapes, colours, materials… A whole world to explore.
  • Lubricants, oils, creams: To make sure that everything flows as it should and you can focus only on what’s important, pleasure. 
  • Blindfolds, handcuffs…: The pleasure of tying up the other person and being able to do whatever you want to them, choosing posture, rhythm, intensity… Imagine if they don’t see it coming either!

Imagining, creating, interpreting

Everyone has fantasies, philias and so on that they enjoy making come true. Usually, this includes resorting to certain things or people, such as independent Delhi escorts, which can also have a very spicy and funny result.

  • Costumes: To become anything, anyone or any character you want and adopt your name and personality. Let the role-playing begin!
  • Watch an erotic film or film yourself: It can be staged and although it may not come out as it is, it is sure to be just as pleasurable as the original, if not more so.

In the end it is an interactive thing and a matter of getting all parties involved. Innovate and try as far as everyone is willing to go, setting limits beforehand and being very clear. Above all, the most important thing is always communication to avoid bed problems. If you can have an amazing time, why have a bad time? 

Fdo.: Deborah Salas

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