Tips for Moving an Office

Moving the office is not just changing the corporate address — organizing moving office chairs, tables, and an endless amount of office supplies can be quite a stressful event, even if you’re moving down the street. Office relocation and settling into a new workplace can quickly turn into a huge headache for both your employees and customers.

However, it is quite possible to remain calm during an office move. Movers Pleasanton whose list of services you can find here, shared with us tips on how to make the relocation process of your business as smooth as possible.

Tips for a Smooth Office Relocation

When changing the location of the office, you should be prepared for the fact that the normal operation of the business will be disrupted for some time, and problems may arise that will not be taken into account. Even if you plan to use the services of a professional moving company, it is important to pay attention to preparation. Use the tips below to help you avoid many of the hassles associated with office relocation.

  1. Plan your office relocation early. You should not wait until the last minute and rely on luck – start planning and distributing responsibilities. Think about the placement of furniture and work areas in the new office, evaluate what you will not need, and get rid of these things.
  2. Communicate with your employees. Do not keep the moving plan a secret from your employees: they must be aware of the main changes and processes in the new office of the company to prepare for them in time.
  3. Assign a move coordinator. To make your move as efficient as possible, use management tools and appoint a coordinator to ensure that the process goes smoothly. This person should:
  • be able to work in multitasking mode;
  • possess organizational and communication skills;
  • have budgeting experience.
  1. Set a budget. Determine your moving budget in advance by setting a baseline for each item of expenditure and allocating some amount for contingencies. Compare the prices of firms specializing in office moves to understand the average cost of moving office.
  2. Protect your data. Be sure to back up your data in advance so that it is not affected by damaged servers or hard drives.
  3. Ask each employee to pack their table. Ask employees to gather the contents of their tables in advance and label the packages to avoid confusion in a new place and not waste time looking for them.
  4. Hire an excellent moving company. Be sure to pick licensed and certified movers. The best moving companies Redwood City, like Got2Move, which you can read about can even help you create a suitable relocation plan.
  5. Update your office address everywhere. Your counterparties should be able to easily find your organization after the move, so be sure to let them know the new address and when normal operations resume.

By using these simple office relocation tips and the help of professional movers, you will smoothly carry out the process and be able to quickly return to working mode.

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