Tips for Organizing a Family Photo Session

Tips for Organizing a Family Photo Session

Planning a photo session with the family is like trying to fit a birthday party and wedding in one day—neither task is entirely possible, but with patience and focus on the main details, you can manage a positive outcome. By following these tips for organizing a family photo session, you and everyone else can enjoy a fun, memorable day.

Plan Outfits Before the Photoshoot

It’s pretty common to see families in coordinated outfits in their photos, with each member sporting plaid, a bold color, or maybe some unique hat. While those photos are fun, you need to ensure everyone has a say before finalizing the outfits.

First things first, judge your outfits based on season and weather conditions. If it’s summer, wearing thin layers and short sleeves prevents kids from overheating and saves you time from having to go back home to pick something else out. You also don’t want last-minute outfit arguments to make the day miserable, so prior agreements matter.

Consider Doing Activities During the Session

One thing parents may not think about is how to keep their children from becoming bored and distracted. It can be hard to make kids focus, but sometimes they just need something to do to keep them going during the photo session.

Try incorporating fun activities during the photo session, such as a picnic, hopscotch, or your child’s favorite toy. Bringing something along or playing a game can help break shy kids out of their shells and get everyone smiling and enjoying themselves. Work with your photographer to plan for the family sessions.

Explore Why You Want Family Photos

Parents may want family photos just to be like everyone else and hang them on walls. But that’s not the only reason, right? You may want photos done with family to document milestones, including your first child’s birthday, portraits of a graduating senior, or the holidays.

Whatever the reason is for taking family photos, ensure it’s something that you genuinely want to do (not because you feel an obligation to post the photos to social media). That said, if you plan to send photos to distant relatives, ensure you know how to send the photos in the mail safely.

Be Your Natural, Loving, Goofy Selves

A great tip for organizing a successful family photo session is to be yourselves. Let kids be shy, quirky, and outgoing. Just come as you are and let your kids do the same—this moment should be about bonding with one another, not trying to achieve the perfect photo.

Be yourselves; that’s the main thing your photographer will tell you to do. Following these tips will ensure you have a memorable family photo session and plenty of images to look back on later.

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