Tips for Remodeling Your Home in the Winter

Tips for Remodeling Your Home in the Winter

Although spring and summer are their busy seasons, contractors must work year round to stay in business and maintain their cashflow. That’s why these tips for remodeling your home in the winter include careful planning and scheduling so you can take advantage of seasonal discounts.

Supplies and Discounts

Because so many homeowners assume that remodeling can only happen in the spring and summer, wintertime may produce discounts and deals. Contractors need to keep their calendars filled with projects but probably won’t have as many coming their way during winter as they do in the busy season. In addition, fewer people are looking for remodeling supplies such as electrical and plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and flooring. When supplies stay on the big box store shelves for a long time, prices ease.

Plan Ahead

Mid-summer and early fall is a good time to begin researching and talking to contractors about their winter schedule. Be sure you are specific about your project and budget. Many contractors are under great pressure to finish projects before the year-end holiday season, so it’s good to talk to them before that intense period begins.

Where Winter Is Harsh, Focus on Interior Projects

Even the most temperate climates have winter weather issues such as excessive rain or wind. Where snow is a certainty, it’s best to focus on interior projects that don’t involve knocking down exterior walls or ripping out parts of the roof. You can do a lot by simply changing countertops, switching out cabinets, and rearranging floor plans. As an added bonus, you can do all of this without exposing your family to the elements.

Get Assurances About Safety

Many remodeling projects create hazards, some of which can worsen through a lack of ventilation. Hazardous fumes can build up when you can’t open windows, or you don’t have enough exhaust fans to remove harmful gasses from your home. Discuss safety with any contractor you interview, including the measures they take to comply with public health recommendations to avoid spreading infection. Even without 2020’s horrible pandemic, flu season comes around every winter. You should have precautions in place when workers enter your home.

Depending on the scope of your projects, get advice from your selected contractor about the feasibility of staying in your home while the work is ongoing.

Remodeling in the winter is possible with careful planning. Control the scope and schedule of your project to make sure it doesn’t extend into the spring, as this is when contractors take on more work and spread out their time over additional projects.