Tips for Washing and Cleaning Your Kid’s Leggings


When it comes to kids’ fashion, you cannot avoid them the versatility of leggings for them. They can be worn both in the summer and winter months. Leggings are affordable and easily available in the market for your child to wear. They are available in all colors and adorable styles. When it comes to buying leggings, you can easily find them in local and online stores. The winter leggings keep them warm as they are mostly made of Lycra and wool. For the summer months, the Lycra or the Spandex material is teamed up with cotton so that your kid can play and allow air to circulate in the legs as well!

Washing leggings in the right way!

When you have small kids at home, make sure you buy leggings that are comfortable and durable for them to wear especially during the hot summer months. They are comfortable and cool for daily wear however in order to keep them in good form you should wash and clean them correctly. Make sure you wash your kid’s leggings without damage so that they can wear them and play around freely.

When it comes to washing and cleaning your kid’s leggings, check the material first. If the material of the leggings is too thin, it is prudent to handwash them. Since kids’ leggings have several stylish features like buttons, mesh lining and more, washing them by hand will not damage or tear them off. When it comes to clothing that is delicate and gentle, washing them by hand is always a good option. 

Read the label for washing 

‘Some kids leggings have a label for washing them. If your child is small and is sensitive to washing powder, it is prudent to check the label so that you get the correct way on how to wash and clean the leggings. It is prudent to follow the instructions on the label when it comes to washing- this will ensure that your kid’s leggings last for a long time.

Washing leggings that are very dirty 

Kids love to play both indoors and outdoors. They tend to get messy and dirty. They may land up staining their leggings, and it is where you need to clean and wash them with soaking the leggings beforehand. Here, you can take a clean bowl that has sufficient room for the leggings to soak in gentle detergent. Let the leggings soak in detergent before you wash them for stain removal. If you wish to keep the leggings in the right form and avoid it from becoming de-shaped, use cold or cool water for cleaning and washing.

Soak the leggings in the detergent water for 5 to 10 minutes before you rinse them carefully. Make sure all the soap comes out of the leggings so that it is fresh and clean. 

Can you machine wash your kid’s leggings?

If your kid’s leggings are made of thick material, you can machine wash them. However, when it comes to washing and cleaning your kid’s leggings, make sure you use a mesh bag. If you do not, the leggings may become deformed in shape, and you need to refer to a kids leggings size chartto buy a new pair for your child. Your child is growing so when you buy leggings for him or her, make sure you do not buy too many. The size will change, and you will land up with clothes your kid can no longer wear.

Coming back to machine washes of leggings of your kid, make sure you combine them with other clothes. Always wash leggings in cold water so if you wish to retain the condition and shape of your kid’s leggings make sure the water is cold and fit for the other clothes that you wish to wash with them. 

When you are machine washing the leggings of your child use a detergent that is non-abrasive and gentle. Make sure you do not use a fabric softener when you are cleaning and washing the leggings of your child. These products contain silicone, and they weaken the moisture wick that is generally found in the material of the leggings.

Always use a gentle detergent that is known for its quality. In case, you find a stain on the leggings of your kids, make sure to use a stain remover. There are good quality products available in the market to remove stains, and you may use them when you are trying to wash your kid’s leggings clean. 

How often should you wash the leggings of your child?

When your kid has worn the leggings at least twice, it is time to put the leggings in the washer. For a machine wash always use a gentle cycle so that the delicate material of the leggings does not tear. 

How should you dry the kid’s leggings?

There is a misconception that the washing machine destroys your kid’s leggings, but in fact, it is the dryer that causes harm to the leggings. The dryer has heat, and this leads to shrinkage of the material. The best way to dry your kid’s leggings is to hang them in the air and allow them to dry naturally. In this way, you can make them last longer and avoid holes and tears in the fabric.  

If you have a drying rack or a flat surface, place them on it to retain the shape and form. Always make sure that they are out to dry in a place where they can hang or sit undisturbed. You should allow them to dry in the sun and you can also use the night to completely dry them of the water and damp without the adverse effects of machine dryers. In this way, they will become fresh and clean for your little one to wear and play again safely.

Therefore, in this way, you can wash and clean the leggings of your child. The best part of leggings for kid’s fashion is that they are comfortable and convenient for your child to wear. They are simple to wash and moreover quick to dry!