Tips on Buying Best Glass Pool Fencing in Perth

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Pool fencing becomes necessary to make your pool area safer, especially if you have children in your house. Picking out the right kind of fence, however, is a task that can be a little confusing. Glass pool fences are majorly in trend, and a lot of owners opt for them. If you are also willing to get glass fences, this article will discuss some tips that will help you in making a perfect choice.

Why Buy Glass Pool Fencing?

Not only is a glass fence good to look at, but it also is extremely durable and easy to clean. Moreover, unlike the other metal fences that can get rusted or damaged, glass can withstand lots of harsh weather conditions. Some of the best companies, such as glass pool fencing Sorrento Glass provide high-quality fences that can be considered for buying and installation of your fences. So, if you want to make your pool area look aesthetically pleasing, having a glass fencing is surely a way to do it.

Tips on Buying The Best Glass Pool Fencing

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These are some tips that you should consider while getting a glass pool fence for your pool:

  • Quality Of Glass Matters

The first thing that you need to make sure is the quality of the glass material. They come in a variety of thicknesses including 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. It would be better to know which ones are suitable for your needs. If you live in an area where the weather conditions are harsh, you should consider relying on the thicker material. However, if you need the fence for safeguarding your pool from unwanted intruders, lesser thickness will also be suitable.

  • Never Settle For Cheaper Stuff

Make sure you do not buy a fence that is cheap to save yourself money. The cheaper options usually compromise on the quality. However, it also does not mean that extremely expensive fences are only good. 

You should do your research and find out the prices from different dealers and settle for the ones that fit your budget but also provide good quality. Always remember that a fence for your pool area is an investment, and hence spending money on quality will give you better returns.

  • Always Keep In Mind The Safety

While installing a pool fence, taking care of safety requirements is essential. There are some legal requirements for fencing, and you need to check if the supplier you are choosing is following these regulations or not. Also, see if the products they are offering pass the safety standards. 

The safety of your children and other people in your house is important and unauthorized products can be broken or damaged easily, making them susceptible to injury. You can find out more about the installation of glass pool fencing here:

  • Avoid Going DIY While Installation

Installation of the fences is an essential step, and it is better that you do not try to do it on your own. Make sure you hire a good company that can install the glass panels around your pool with utmost precision. Installing the panels by yourself can lead to accidents in the future, especially if you live in areas with high wind and rough weather conditions.

  • Always Do Your Research Before Booking A Pool Fencing Company In Perth

Before you select a fencing company, please do your research about them. You can start by asking around since word of mouth is the best way to know about the actual work quality of a company. 

List down all of the best options that you have considered and then look for them online. Online reviews also give a good insight into the kind of work these companies do and whether they will be suitable for you or not. You should also visit each of these companies and ask them to show their work either in pictures or in person.

When you research about a company, you should always see if they follow the fencing requirements and have a certified business license. The reliable companies will always provide you with a guarantee and a warranty for their products as well as their services. So, if a company refuses to assure you, then it should be considered a red flag.

  • The Style Determines The Look

There are various styles that you can select for your glass fence. There are frameless styles which only have panels attached to the ground. There are also semi-frameless styles that have separate panels fixed to metal posts. You can also determine the space between the glass panels depending on the style of your pool. The height and width of the fencing should be at least 1200mm as per the regulation standards, but you can have it higher than this as well. 

Currently, the frameless panels have become the choice for most homeowners since it gives a modern feel to the pool and does not obstruct the view which can happen with the semi-frameless ones. To know more about the things you should consider to make your pool area safe for kids, check this post.

  • Know the Price

Always ask for a personalized quote from the sellers and compare each one to find the best for you. This way, you will also be able to determine your budget. It should be noted here that glass fencing is costlier than any other kind of fences so you should be ready for higher quotes. 

Always ask whether the sellers also provide a guarantee and warranty. Some companies charge extra for installation, whereas some do it for free. This should also be included in your budget.

Make Your Pool Look Chic With Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is perfect for homes in Perth. With the above-given tips in mind, finding the right fence and the seller will become easier for you. Always make sure that the product you buy is safe and meets Australian standards. Also, check if the company has a good reputation amongst its clients. 

Once you have a glass fence installed, it will last you for a long time with minimum maintenance. 

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