Tips You Need To Design the Best Canvas Print

Tips You Need To Design the Best Canvas Print

Designing a canvas print for your home, office, or gallery is an involved process and can be confusing if you’re attempting it for the first time. Custom printing services are ideal because they provide many options, but the ordering process can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to navigate these options. Here are some tips you need to help you design the best canvas print.

Choose the Type of Canvas Mount

The first thing to choose when you’re planning any sort of canvas project is how you want to mount your print. Some of the most common options when ordering canvas prints are foam board-mounted canvas and gallery-wrapped canvases, which manufacturers stretch over a wooden frame. Another option is to choose an unstretched canvas, which you can then frame or stretch over a border yourself.

If you prefer the traditional appearance of a framed print, consider investing in an unstretched canvas to frame. You don’t typically frame mounted canvases, and if you do, you’ll need to order custom frames to encapsulate the larger prints.

Select the Right Image and Crop Accordingly

When it comes to ordering any type of print, the image you select can have a considerable influence on the print quality. This is especially true when dealing with canvas prints. For example, if you choose to print an image with a small size and resolution, your print could turn out grainy and reflect the same low quality. Always pick large, high-resolution images for your photography and art prints.

Additionally, it’s important to remember the details of your image when cropping it. Depending on the canvas wrap option you choose, you may end up cropping part of your image if you’re not careful. Avoid choosing photos that have key details or figures near the edges, as you could lose them if you’re using stretched-edge wrapping.

Size Your Print Carefully

How you size your print is also an important aspect of the design process. Consider where you want to display your canvas, whether you want it to act as an accent piece, and how much space you have to work with. Again, when ordering large canvases, be sure to choose images with large dimensions and high resolutions so that your prints don’t appear blown up and grainy.

Now that you know these tips to design the best canvas print, you can go into the ordering process with confidence. Use these tips to design the best art or photography piece for your home, business, or gallery.