Toothache and Lack of Money? Try Dental Tourism

Do you suffer from toothache and you are run out of money? It is a pretty common situation among patients from the United Kingdom and the United States where the dental treatment is pretty expensive and not every patient is able to have a professional treatment to meet his/her budget. However, there is a remedy for their problems and now the patients are able to have high-quality dental treatment without spending a fortune. How? The patients may try dental tourism – this method will be described in this article.

1.The dental service abroad

2.After dentist’s appointment

The dental service abroad

More and more patients choose dental treatment abroad these days. Some of them are forced to do it because of financial reasons and others just want to combine visiting an interesting city with having professional dental treatment. Both reasons are good. Why? If you do not want to spend lots of savings for dental treatment, the offer of dental clinics abroad will definitely meet your expectations. The majority of those clinics offer the same services as your local dentists but they are much less expensive because of beneficial exchange rate of your country’s currency. It means that the local currency is worth less than British pounds, American Dollar and Euro. Nowadays, there are many countries that offer those services. One of them is a country located in the European Union but there is no Euro currency – that is why, the services are offered at really reasonable price. The country is Poland and there you may find numerous dental centres that can treat your teeth properly, offering professional services and rich attractions after your dentist’s appointment.

After dentist’s appointment

The leading dental centre – Indexmedica is located in Krakow, in the southern part of Poland, in Malopolska region. Krakow is one of the most frequently visited cities in Poland. The city is visited by about 13 million tourists every year, including about 3 million foreign travellers. It is much more than the number of visitors of the capital of Poland – Warsaw!

When you are in Krakow, you definitely must see the market square with amazing St.Mary’s Basilica, the Sukiennice Market and visit the modern museum located underground. If you have time, it is also worth to see the Wawel Castle – one of the oldest and most stunning castles in Poland and in this part of Europe.

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