Top 3 best water pressure booster pumps for your pool 2019

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Unfortunately, often problems with poor water pressure in the water supply system lead to the domestic equipment improper operation and breakdowns. It`s especially annoying if you invested a lot of efforts and money in these appliances like in a private pool on the backyard. Insufficient pressure can disrupt bathing and also lead to excessive loads and overheating of the pump, filtration system, and pool cleaner. The pressure booster pump will become a small but very important addition to your pool if you have constant problems with water supply. We present you the three best water pressure booster pumps chosen according to the buyers and experts` opinions.

Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris Booster Pump 

Zodiac Polaris PB4-60 booster pump is explicitly designed to increase and equalize the pressure in the in-ground pools. First of all, it is used to operate pressure-side pool cleaners. But it will become a real helper for all pool systems and extend their service life, as cleaners as well as filters, heaters, and the main pumps suffer from the poor flow. Zodiac is ideal for use with both Polaris branded pool pumps and filters and all other manufacturers.

The booster pump kit includes all the necessary parts for proper installation of the equipment: a quick-connect retainer, a Softube quick connect and a six feet of pump hose, which simplifies installation. The engineers have provided only one-speed mode, but the pump still works fine with multi-speed and variable pumps and filters. Zodiac runs on 0.75 HP provided by a 60-hertz motor and 115 / 230V for ultrahigh efficiency. The power of the device is enough to support the work of several appliances at once with a reasonable energy saving. For greater strength and durability, this model is made of stainless steel and high-strength plastic. The pump guarantees complete tightness and no leaks.

The pump has a small size (15-9.5-11.5 inches), which simplifies the installation of this equipment and makes it fit for almost any place. Also, the installation is easy, thanks to the volute of Zodiac that can be adjusted to 360-degrees. Users note that the pump is quiet, and manufacturers say that they have managed to reduce the noise level by 28% compared with previous Polaris models.

In general, the design of the pump provides ease of installation, as well as the replacement or repair of any parts. All the most important details are located in direct accessibility, so even a non-professional can handle the pump.

Pentair Boost-Rite Booster LA-MS05 Pump  

Pentair has developed a small, compact water pressure booster pump for side cleaners and in-ground pools maintaining. It takes up minimal space due to a third smaller size (13.5 x 20 x 10.5 inches with a weight of 26.8 pounds) than the average booster pump. This pump is more powerful than the previous model, since the motor has 1.1 horsepower and consumes 115/230 V. At the same time, you may not worry that the pump is heated or gets too high loads – the so-called TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled motor)  fully provides proper cooling for pump elements, which leads to more efficient and quiet operation. The pump has a set of 2 bushings, 4 adapters and a hose for quick and easy installation so that the user doesn`t need to buy anything or hire a specialist.

Its 1-inch port is 75 percent larger and improves the flow of water more efficiently than most standard booster pumps. With this size, the water flow reaches 13.2 gallons per minute, and the pressure rate is 50 pounds per square inch. One of the distinguishing features of Pentair is its eco-friendliness. The pump is ideal for those who are concerned about the environment and their wallet – innovative 5-stage impeller design reduces electricity consumption by 25 percent. So don`t worry about the electricity bills anymore.

Hayward 6060 Booster Pump

The next pump in our list – Hayward 6060 – refers to the group of in-ground self-priming centrifugal pumps. Self-priming occurs due to the filling of the pump housing with water and producing of vacuum. And the internal diffuser helps to prevent air from entering this housing from the suction piping. It has two speeds that can be manually controlled or pre-selected. Hayward significantly increases pressure and water circulation, providing the power needed for thorough cleaning and normal operation of your pool. Model dimensions are 17 x 13.9 x 11.6 inches with a weight of 31.1 pounds. The motor is endowed with 0.75 horsepower and consumes 115/230 V. It’s hard to imagine, but the Hayward booster pump is even more economical than the previous Pentair pump, as it saves up to 40 percent of electricity. To avoid overheating and provide quieter operation, the pump has a tall mounting base through which ventilation occurs. When buying the booster pump, you also get 1.5-inch plumbing union fittings and 0.75-inch hose barb union adapters allow for easy retrofit, installation, and maintenance of the appliance. Also, note that volute has the function of re-orientation in the field for horizontal discharge.

 So, if you want to equip your pool, but experience some problems with water pressure, you should definitely buy a pressure booster pump. In the modern market, the range is large, and in addition to the best models described by us in this review, there are many more worthy devices. Moreover, the cost of such a pump is not very high – about $ 250-300. We think you`d agree that it`s not bad to get a unit that will be inexpensive, but at the same time, it will be able to meet your needs and extend the life of your pool and related water equipment.