Top 3 Features Your Data Center Must Have

Top 3 Features Your Data Center Must Have

You need to fully outfit your data center for it to be optimally effective. Running your data center without all the essential supplies and features is difficult. So what are these features that your data center must have to do its job efficiently? Check out the key ones below. 

Disaster Preparedness

Many cloud computing advancements and remote access measures are happening in the big-data sphere, and because of this, your data can live virtually anywhere. However, data centers are still bound by physical location, so your data center needs a building with powerful structural integrity to limit damage from natural disasters. Depending on the disaster, it can decimate your data center.

Therefore, you must have features that protect against the fallout of natural disasters. For instance, seismic racks prevent downtime in case of an earthquake and keep your servers and other equipment safe from harm. Remember, disaster preparedness is your first defense in keeping your data center safe. 

Security Measures

Another feature that your data center must have is a security system. Not everyone should be able to waltz into your data center and start tinkering. You need to protect your data center because it houses confidential information of your business and your clients. Depending on how big your center is, having someone hack into your enterprise could lead to a loss of pertinent information, downtime, and the distrust of many of your clients. 

Security for your data center can look like many things. Having cameras monitoring the area is the least you can do. Surveillance always keeps you abreast of what’s happening in your data center. Next, reinforced doors and biometric technologies are other interesting security measures you can implement. Finally, you can use keycard technology so only people authorized to enter your data center can enter. Plus, if something happens, the key reader lets you know who the last person in the room or center was. 

Network Redundancy

You want to avoid downtime at all costs if you have a data center. Even a small blip in operations can have far-reaching consequences since it makes your entire data center vulnerable. Therefore, you must have several levels of redundancy in your data center, especially for servers critical to operations. Ensure you have various network devices that can take over operations if one fails, and set up two separate ISPs to reduce congestion and give you another layer of assurance.

If you take these tips to heart and integrate these features, your data center is much more likely to stay safe and sound.