Top 4 Link Building Tips for International SEO

When it comes to the international SEO for your website, it needs to have more focus on its strategy and scaling of the site. At the same time, link building is one of the very crucial parts of your SEO, which is required to ensure the strategic growth of your traffic. At the same time, it renders credibility to the site. This one of the key activities for the SEO strategy is also applicable to international sites. Though it is quite an overlooked one, it needs to have more recognition to boost up your International SEO. Here is how do you evaluate your link building for your International SEO efforts to enhance the visibility of your site:

Here are some of the tips that you can use for your link building technique:

Make use of the websites which links to corporate websites 

Most of the websites start with one or two languages that try to target many of the countries. The original websites come up with a lot more links that come from the external websites, which are the newly launched ones. For example, if you are working with the link audits for the Korean and other Asian websites, then you must check the links which are going to the original one. For example, if you are working with the Korean website link building for a U.S company, then look for any of the Korean links which are going to the U.S website.

Assessing those links pointing to the target country, you can find many good links. Also, you can find more quality links when the original website and the target website use similar languages. This happens as most of the website owners link it to the original websites. Not many website owners update their links when you release a website to the local market. It is important to check if the links are pointing to the other languages or the local websites within your business.

Check the links of the local competitors:

Checking the links that your competitor websites have can simplify your understanding. Overlooking this can be a bigger mistake. While you go to unleash an unknown market with different languages, it becomes harder enough for you to build the proper links. To understand how it works and how it can benefit your site, you can opt for link research and an analysis tool to have your insight into the competitor’s links. It will enable you to get access to a lot of data even without any need to dig out the local resources.

It helps you to compare your links against your competitors’ links and helps you to find out the websites which are not linking with your website. Find out the competitors who are constantly ranking with your target keywords so that you can start your research.

Integrate your link building with the interviews, marketing, and the events

Getting a good link can be tougher, regardless of the type of your business. However, it is important to ensure that you are getting the proper benefit of gaining the links. Most of the businesses participate in marketing activities and events. It helps to get the quality links in a much more natural way. In case the activity is related to a specific kind of product or a niche of business, then it can get the opportunity to gain the links from the product or the business category.

Make use of the corporate and the other local marketing activities:

This is much of an easier way to add links to your local website. You can get help from plenty of informational websites which offer content in various languages. When your content gets localized, the links often stay unchanged. Requesting a popular website to use the local website URL in each of the country versions can help you to gain more relevant links to each of your local websites. To increase the chance of the link updating, you can offer them a list of URLs that the marketing activities can use. Linking your local market website can also help you to improve your user experience for your audience.


Whether many of the websites overlook link building, using it can be very useful for the international SEO to rank properly. While you are working on a marketing project, then you must consider the link building for your website. The best way you can guarantee your link building is by including the marketing project to improve the best practices.

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