Top 5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Military Love


Dating a serviceman or woman can be tough especially when they are deployed far away. But spending days and nights away from each other can get even tougher during holidays or special days like Valentine. You can make plans to make things a lot easier and interesting for yourself and your lover on these special days. There are a lot of interesting ideas that can make Valentine ’s Day memorable for you and your partner. Whether you met offline or on military dating sites, here are some ideas that will make you reminisce the early days of your romance and kindle your passion for each other even more no matter the distance between you. 

Send a care package 

Creating and sending a care package is one lovely way to help you and your partner deal with the emotions on such a special day as Valentine’s Day. There are really no rules about what you can pack and send here are some simple ideas that you might like.

Buy some gifts: you can shop around for some gift items that your lover will appreciate. This can be anything from fun shelf-stable food gifts or treats, specially customized pillows, socks, undershirts, or pretty much anything else that you are certain your lover will appreciate. 

Pack some mementos: this is one is even better because you don’t have to spend any money and you make even bigger impact. Simply look around for mementos from the early years of your relationship and mail it to him or her. It could be a concert ticket, some old love notes, or special photos of both of you with a loving note to go with it.

Send Something from the Kids

Now, this isn’t a Valentine ’s Day idea for everyone, but if you have kids this could be the best gift to give your military spouse. Valentine ’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love between both of you alone. It could be a day to celebrate the products of your love which are your kids. One of the best things about this idea is that you can make it into a fun activity for you and the kids. You don’t have to break your bank account to get it done too which is another major upside to this idea. 

With some glue, paper, and some color-pencils you can get your kids to draw pictures and cut out drawings to tell their deployed parent how much they love and miss them. Its the perfect tear jacking gift we can think of. 

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Send a journal 

This is another very serious Valentine ’s Day gift that ranks pretty high on the romantic Richter scale. If you are one who writes regularly you can send in a journal containing all the lovely things you’ve written about your partner since his/her deployment. But it doesn’t even have to be a regular journal or diary. You can get a “What I Love about you” journal and fill it up with lovely things about your military lover. Another variant is the “What I Love About Us” Journal. These types of journals have prompts that let you write things you love about your lover and your relationship. It’s a lovely souvenir that will always remind your partner about home every time read it. 

Recreate a favorite menu

One of the top ideas for any couple’s Valentine ’s Day is a romantic candlelight dinner. While this doesn’t seem ideal if your military lover is far away, it is a beautiful idea if you think about it. You can recreate a favorite menu that you are sure your military spouse would have appreciated if he/she was around and enjoy it at home. If you are a hopeless romantic like some of us, you can even go the extra mile and set things up the very same way you would have done it if your spouse was around. You can take a picture, or make a video and send it over to your partner if possible. 

The choice of food may vary, but it is best to choose one that fills you and your partner with nostalgia (probably a meal you had on your first date or simply your favorite dish). You can simply look up a recipe online or ring up your favorite restaurant as a couple, ask for the recipe for your favorite meal on their menu. Go ahead and recreate it by yourself at home. It’s a nice way to keep yourself busy on such a special day. 


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Go on a virtual date 

Technology has made it easier to get communicate across borders. You can leverage communication platforms like Skype and go on a virtual date with your military spouse. A simple phone call also works, too. Of course, this might take some time and require a lot of planning. But if you can pull it off it you will find it absolutely romantic and beautiful. With the help a platform to connect both of you, you can decide on an activity to do on Valentine ’s Day. It could be some sort of pseudo date whether eating dinner, watching a movie, or simply sitting under the stars. You might be several miles apart but it’s a great to think that you can still connect. 


These are few relationships romantic and heart touching options you can try out as Valentine ’s Day ideas for your military lover. Whether near you or deployed far away on assignments, these ideas will bridge the gap and bring you both closer. You don’t have to miss out on all the fun of Val because your lover isn’t around. Celebrate and enjoy it because you both deserve all the love and joy in the world for your sacrifices. 

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