Top Emergency Plumbing Cases You Should Never Ignore

When is the best time to call an emergency plumber? What plumbing problems should make you reach for emergency plumbing assistance? This post discusses the leading plumbing issues that necessitate emergency plumbing intervention. Read on.

  • Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause many headaches, including flooding. If your drains clog and all efforts to deal with them have failed, you should be calling an emergency plumber to deal with them. For instance, if you rarely use a drain block, the chances are high that a sewer problem is in the system.

  • Overflowing Toilets

Nobody can live with an overflowing toilet. An overflowing toilet could signal serious hidden problems that require professional diagnosis and remedy. Also, the chances are high that the overflow might contaminate water, leading to potential health risks in your home. So, call an expert to fix the matter urgently.

  • Water Heater Problems

Water heater problems are another reason to call an emergency plumber to your home. For example, a leaking water heater signals an emergency situation. It’s wise to check out and establish the leak’s origin. After confirming it’s from the tank, call an expert to address the matter. Otherwise, continued leakage might leave you with a whole mess in your house. 

  • Potential Flooding

Flooding in the home is another reason to call for emergency plumbing. Many factors cause this problem. For example, burst pipes, sewer backups, and failed sump pumps are just some of the main causes. Floods can cause serious structural damage that could compromise your home’s overall safety. They can undermine and weaken your house’s foundation and walls. Therefore, address flooding urgently before it runs out of control.

  • A Sewer Backup

Always call for emergency plumbing help whenever you notice any sewer backup. When sewer lines back up, the collected sewage sits at their backup points. This situation can pose a serious health risk to your family. It can prevent you from using your facility due to running water.

Additionally, the sewer contains all manner of waste materials that left your home. Thus, a sewer backup causes fumes, foul odor, and other harmful germs that can enter your indoors and cause health risks. Irrespective of their causes, sewer backups should be addressed immediately.

  • There’s No Water

You have to call an emergency plumber if you run out of water when your neighbors who share the same water line have enough water. Such a water shortage is an emergency because it hinders you from enjoying your plumbing facilities. It negatively affects your cleaning, cooking, showering, and all water-dependent activities. 

  • Sewage Odors

Does your water smell like sewage? If it does, you have a grave emergency issue at hand requiring you to call for urgent help. This smell suggests that something is wrong with your sump pump or septic system. If your sewer is backing up sooner than later, its excess water will make its way into your home. Such a result would mean you won’t use your showers, sinks, or toilets until the matter is urgently addressed. Never attempt to handle such conditions alone. Always call an emergency plumber to fix the issues. 

  • Freezing Water in the Shower

Something is seriously wrong if you can’t get hot water in the bathroom. It shows that your water heater has a problem that needs urgent resolution. Start by checking the issue before calling an expert. Try flicking the heater’s switch to see if it will respond. If the flicking doesn’t resolve the problem or you hear a rattling noise coming from the system, pick your phone and immediately call a plumber.

  • Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are common during the winter months. When temperatures drop below freezing points, the water inside the pipes also freezes. The frozen water inside the pipes expands them, making it easier for the pipes to explode. Even if the pipes don’t burst, the freezing stops water from flowing into your home. This situation requires you to call a plumber immediately to address it. Otherwise, any delay or attempt to fix the problem yourself will worsen matters by damaging the pipes. 

  • A Burst Pipe

Did you know that annually, $6 billion, resulting from 1 trillion gallons of water, are lost in the USA? These losses come from running toilets, leaking faucets, and burst pipes. If you notice a burst pipe in your home, don’t hesitate to call a plumber. Delaying means you will pay inflated water bills for water you didn’t use. You also risk floods in your home, which could cause other flood-related hazards in your home. 

  • Gas Leaks 

Did you know that a skilled plumber can also handle copper pipes and natural gas furnace connections? Therefore, don’t delay calling a plumber whenever you spot gas leaks.

Emergency plumbing situations are many and can occur at any time. Fortunately, you are never alone because you can get emergency plumbing services 24/7. Go ahead and call an emergency plumber if you face any of the situations this post discussed.