Top Five Friendsgiving Tips

Michael Wurm, Inspired by Charm
Michael Wurm, Inspired by Charm

Michael Wurm offers five easy tips, on behalf of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, that will help hosts wow their guests at Friendsgiving, create lasting memories and, of course, lots of beautiful photos for their social feeds, with the least amount of work for the host.

1.       Potluck Style: Asking each guest to bring their favorite meal of the season not only cuts down the work for the host, but also makes all of your guests feel a part of the celebration. You want your tablescape to flow beautifully – so make sure to display each dish on a decorative serving plate within the same color palette, or eliminate some of the work and ask your guests to bring their own serving plates in the chosen color scheme. After all, you want every aspect to be Instagram-worthy!

2.       Make Your Centerpiece the Star: Make sure to show off your #tablescape to your Instagram! You want to have the centerpiece be the focal point of the photo and’s Garden of Grandeur™ for Fall centerpiece sure did not disappoint for my Friendsgiving –  with pops of red, orange, green, and purple, it was perfect for my holiday gathering.

 3.      Chalkboard Signs: With lots of folks having allergies and dietary restrictions these days, it’s important to have name cards for the dishes you’re serving – and what better way to display each dish than with crafty chalkboard signs! This will also save you, the host, from having to field the dreaded “what is this?” question.

 4.       Keep it Simple: Strive for excellence when entertaining, but remember to keep things simple. While you may want to have the most elaborate Friendsgiving, usually simple is best. Limit your menu, decorations, and even your guest list. With fewer things to plan, buy, and cook, entertaining becomes much less of a fuss.

5.       Goodbye Gift: I always like to offer a small gift to guests when they leave a party. You don’t need anything elaborate. One thing I love to do is create a card with the recipe for one or two of the evening’s menu items. This way, when a guest asks for your classic sweet potato casserole recipe, you can just hand out the recipe card.

Michael Wurm is based in Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania.