Top Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Top Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring has come at last, and it’s brought plenty of flowers, rain showers, warmer weather, and urgent home maintenance tasks along with it. That last point might not sound as exciting as the rest, but it’s there for a reason. The best time to perform maintenance on your home’s exterior is in the spring. Winter is extremely harsh on your home, and very few people are willing to perform home maintenance in the cold, slippery weather. By the time spring rolls around, it’s been months since the exterior of your home has last received a touch-up. To make sure your home is looking and functioning at its best, you should plan and execute a maintenance checklist every spring. Here are some top home maintenance tips for spring so that you can get rid of the damage and deterioration from winter.

Clean Out the Gutters

You should always inspect and clean your gutters after the last frost. The leaves and needles from the trees surrounding your home can shed during the fall, land on your roof, and make their way into the gutters when the snow starts to melt. If the gutters are full of too much debris, they’ll clog, and when the gutters clog, water can overflow and trickle down the side of your house to the foundation. This can cause serious water damage and lead to rotting that will allow pests to slip through your home’s woodwork.

Check Your Driveway and Paths

Another top home maintenance tip for spring is to check your driveways and paths for damage. The freeze-thaw cycle can severely damage concrete, asphalt, and other hardscaping materials, so it’s crucial to inspect your walkways, paths, and driveway after winter. Make sure to look for cracks, potholes, and other forms of visible damage to the pavement. You can typically patch damage to asphalt, but damage to concrete may require a full replacement.

You might also want to consider seal coating your driveway during the spring. Winter can leave it looking beaten and worn down. A seal coat is an effective way to protect your driveway from further damage and make it look new and glossy.

Keep an Eye Out for Termites

Starting in March and ending in May, keep an eye out for these destructive, wood-eating creatures. Termites tend to swarm in the springtime. If you notice a large number of winged insects flying around a hole in the woodwork, it could be a colony of termites. You’ll want to call in a licensed pest control company to confirm your suspicions and take care of the infestation.