Top Reasons the Drywall in Your Home Is Cracking

Top Reasons the Drywall in Your Home Is Cracking

If you’ve noticed cracks starting to appear in your wall, you’re probably concerned, and rightfully so. No one wants to face the potential of their home having significant structural damage. The good news is that cracks in drywall are common and usually cosmetic. You can cover them up with a quick coat of paint. Still, you’re probably interested in the top reasons the drywall in your home is cracking.

Wood Framing Drying

Changes in moisture in the wood framing of a house can cause cracks to appear in drywall. As the wood cures, it may warp or change dimensions slightly. While not a major concern, this can cause the drywall to shift and crack.


Though most people think of houses as permanently affixed, movement and stress can cause cracks in the walls. This movement is among the top reasons the drywall in your home is cracking. Windstorms can stress walls or ceilings. The home may settle over time under its own weight, or the soil can move as it dries out or soaks up water. Houses may also expand and contract as temperatures change from hot to cold. Furthermore, earthquakes can tamper with their structure.

Poor quality workmanship can be another cause of movement. If drywall joints have too much or too little mud or if the drywall is too tightly secured, then cracking can occur.

Removal of Texture

If you’ve recently removed texturing on a wall or ceiling, you may notice more cracks. This is because some contractors choose to coat surfaces with less mud to save money. They figure that the textured layer will reinforce the thin coating. But with so little mud covering the joints, cracks develop easier.

Red Flags

While most cracks are harmless cosmetic problems that you can fix with a coat or two of paint, some are red flags for larger issues. Cracks that are wide or run diagonally tend to be more serious. Have them checked by a professional to ensure there aren’t any structural problems in your home.

What To Do About Your Cracks

If you want to repair the cracks in your drywall, get in touch with professionals. Most of the time, a painter can seal and cover cracks. But in severe cases, a drywall contractor may need to come in to fix the drywall with tape, mud joints, and other essential drywall tools. Of course, you can also try and fix the cracks yourself, but we don’t recommend that.