Top Tips for Shipping a Non-Running Car

Top Tips for Shipping a Non-Running Car

Whether your vehicle stopped working on the side of the road or you’re purchasing a new project car, transporting a non-running car is stressful. Luckily, there are many services available that can ship vehicles of any size.

However, if you are new to the world of car shipping, you might be wondering how to prepare a non-running car for shipment. So, without further ado, here are the top tips for shipping a non-running car.

Know the Factors That Affect Your Rate So You Don’t Overpay

If you want to ship your vehicle affordably, you have to do your research before hitching it to the trailer. The factors that affect how much it costs to ship a car the most are the trip’s distance, route, type of car, method of shipment, and the type of carrier (open or closed).

Non-running cars require more equipment to put it onto the trailer and ship it safely, so the shipping is more expensive. Nonetheless, if your car doesn’t work, you don’t have many options for moving it.

Tell Your Shipping Service Everything About the Car Beforehand

In order for your service to ship your vehicle correctly, they must be aware of anything peculiar about the car that will impede their ability to perform the task. For instance, if they don’t know that the car is non-running, they will be completely blindsided and might charge you an excessive fee.

Therefore, inform them beforehand so that they know the vehicle’s condition and can assist you to the best of their abilities. Also, this gives them enough time to obtain the necessary amount of labor and equipment to carry out the job.

Understand the Problems That Caused the Car To Stop Running

Another essential thing to tell your shipping service is why the vehicle won’t run. They might even be able to help you fix it if they know the problem and its solution. A flat tire or dead battery requires a simple fix, and shipping a car that runs will lower your cost.

However, if someone completely wrecked the vehicle, your shipping company still needs to know what’s wrong with it. Simple mechanics are critical when deciding how to ship a non-working car. If you can tell the service whether the steering wheel, brakes, and tires work, there is a lot they can do with it.

Overall, as long as you secure any loose or hanging components, book the trip well in advance, and remove all your personal items from the interior, your car should be ready to ship. Now that you know the top tips for shipping a non-running car, you can book the service that’s right for your vehicle.