Top Tips To Help Improve Your Garage Space

Top Tips To Help Improve Your Garage Space

Some individuals consider the garage as a location to park their car. Others have greater ideas, such as a workspace or a completely new living place. Will the renovations, on the other hand, increase the value of your home? The answer is maybe. A well-organized, renovated garage will undoubtedly aid in the sale of your house, but modifications that appear great for your family—such as converting your garage into a game room for teenagers—might potentially deter a potential buyer. So, before you tackle this often-overlooked area, seek advice from the professionals. Here are some of our top tips to help improve your garage space!

Install a Functional Garage Door

Homebuyers aren’t going to like a heavy wooden door that requires muscle to open manually. Instead, build an automatic garage door or replace the old door with a lightweight aluminum one. The door is priceless when it comes to reselling. We also recommend that the new door be painted in a complementary hue to the house to help balance out the current tones.

Insulate and Vent the Space

It makes sense to insulate the walls and ceiling of an attached garage if you live in an area with high heat or cold. You’ll be able to record some of the home’s climate control, which will assist you and your automobile stay safe from the elements. To keep drafts at bay, put weather stripping to the bottom and sides of the door. Also, make sure the attached garage is properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the house. Install a carbon monoxide detector to detect dangerous levels of CO.

Install Adequate Lighting

If you don’t already have them, have an electrician install motion-sensitive lights. Add more if they aren’t bright enough. A gloomy garage is not only unpleasant to potential buyers, but it is also potentially dangerous. For each automobile slot, we recommend installing two 48-inch shop lights with LED bulbs (each 4,000 lumens, around 40 watts). While more expensive than traditional lightbulbs, these LEDs are truly worth the investment!

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips to help improve your garage space! Once you organize your garage, we guarantee that you will find that the space will be more usable and sightly!

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