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Little People® Musical Preschool

Join Eddie™ and Mia® as they bring the preschool experience down to size for little ones. These Little People® friends can help kids imagine the fun of a real preschool, complete with activities, a “magical” rug, pets and more than 35 sounds, music and phrases like “Let’s discover!”, “Birds sing songs…tweet-tweet!”, “A dinosaur makes a loud ROAR!”, and “YOU can play the music!”

• More than 35 sounds, phrases and songs!
• Press down on the rug for phrases, music and lights!
• Includes Preschool, Eddie™, Mia® and teacher figures, and table with 4 chairs
• Requires 3 AA (R6) batteries

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Little People® City Skyway

Standing over 3 feet tall, this play set ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun! Your little racer sends a vehicle down the ramp at the top, then waits for the surprise finish as the car comes out at the bottom in one of three spots. Will it speed out one of the two side exits or jump off the middle ramp? It’s different every time. The creative play is revved up even more with a realistic crane, stop sign, gas pump and parking meter. Your little one will enjoy hours of non-stop action.

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2014 Holiday Hess Toy Truck

Since its creation, the Hess Toy Truck has grabbed and held the attention of kids, adults and collectors alike. This year, the Hess Toy Truck celebrates its 50th anniversary, and with this milestone, the truck joins a very elite group of toys that have garnered the attention and affection of so many generations for five decades. The Toy Truck started as a phenomenon on the East Coast, but recently it has gone nationwide with online sales and a related mobile game application.

The Hess Toy Truck has been a holiday tradition since it was created as a thank you to loyal customers in 1964. Known for its craftsmanship, quality and value, the toy has become a cherished gift of the holiday season and a family tradition for generations. The 2014 50th Anniversary Holiday Hess Toy Truck is a flatbed Hess Toy Truck with a Space Cruiser and Scout. 

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Spy Tag

MSRP – $16.99, Ages 5+

A card-based board game, kids will take off on an exhilarating race to spot and tag the spies before time’s up! Players quickly draw spy cards and slap them on the matching agent cards laid out in front of their teammates in this super-fast-paced game. Anyone caught with a match when the timer goes off, draws from the secret pile to find out who is safe.

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Dream Cakes

MSRP – $16.99, Ages 4+

There’s something for everyone to love in this sweet bakery-inspired competition board game. Players work on multiple cakes at once and judge finished creations to earn blue ribbon points. Thousands of possible designs mean different delicious outcomes every time!

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Spiral Designer

MSRP – $13.50, Ages 6+

Ravensburger expands its arts & crafts activities assortment with this new offering, Spiral Designer, which enables young artists to draw spiral designs or create combinations of different patterns. The possibilities are endless! Kids simply insert a sheet of paper between the drawing frame and templates and start designing! All they need to do is select one of the design discs and rotate it to create spectacular art.  They can even draw a mini-mandala in the middle for a special finishing touch!

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Finding Nemo Shark Alarm

MSRP – $14.99, Ages 5+

Part of the new-for-2014 Disney-Pixar Collection from Ravensburger is this 73-pc puzzle featuring Bruce, the great white shark, Nemo and other key characters with nine flaps that lift up to reveal fun facts from the film for kids to discover.

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Toy Story My Photo Friends

MSRP – $6.99, Ages 4+

Part of the new-for-2014 Disney-Pixar Collection from Ravensburger, the 48-pc frame puzzle features the whole Toy Story gang and a special cutout in the middle for a child’s photo.

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Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones!

MSRP – $19.99, Ages 3+

The newest additions to the Tummy Stuffers line, six fun and funky styles include 13” spotted Dalmatian and Blue Leopard, polka-dotted Bunny and Giraffe, purple and pink striped Cat, and argyle Monkey. These bright, bold, and furry plush pals double as cuddly storage containers for clothing, toys, blankets, books and more. Tummy Stuffers’ mouths open wide to keep kids’ things inside – and they “eat” everything right before their eyes!

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HideAway Pets

MSRP – $19.99, Ages 3+

A line of  transformable, snuggable and huggable plush play pals that snap open to play, and when it’s time for bed or a nap, they curl up and hide away – doing double duty as the perfect pillow! Great for long car rides and more. The all-new assortment features six different 15”cuddly characters, each with their own “Adventure Card” with their name and a unique fun fact. Styles include Siberian Husky, Persian Kitten, African Lion, Snow Monkey, Hedgehog and Lop Eared Bunny.



MSRP – $29.99, Ages 5+

J-Animals transforms from a super-soft snuggly friend into the first-ever “wearable stuffed animal” that kids of all ages bring to life! When it’s time to put the suit away, J-Animals simply roll right up into a conveniently compact, pillow-like plush pal. The all-new J-Animals animal menagerie features five character styles: Cat, Zebra, Dog, Giraffe and Unicorn – each available in two different sizes!

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Fisher-Price® Peppa Pig™ Ballerina Peppa

This lovable little Peppa looks absolutely adorable dressed as a prima ballerina! So soft & sweet you can’t resist giving her lots of love and hugs! Ages 3+, SRP $24.90

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Fisher-Price® Peppa Pig™ Singing Ballerina Peppa

Peppa looks tutu cute dressed as a prima ballerina! Give this soft friend a squeeze and she’ll talk and sing a sweet ballerina song! Requires 2 “AA” batteries. Ages 3+, SRP $24.99

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Fisher-Price® Peppa Pig™ Peppa’s Ballet Bag

Peppa Pig and Candy Cat are getting ready for their big ballet recital. They can warm up on the ballet barre and then choose which of the three tutus they will wear on stage. These adorable friends can even check out their prima ballerina moves in the included mirror. Everything stores inside the ballet bag. Ages 3+, SRP $14.99

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Play-Doh’s Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset

Let your imagination climb to the top of Cake Mountain, the ultimate crazy cake creation station! It’s 2 playsets in 1 for double the creative fun, and features lots of other sweet ways for you to customize your Play-Doh cakes. Make tiered and layered pretend cakes, crazy cake pops, and top with Play-Doh Plus frosting!

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Sweet Lollies

Sweet Lollies are beautifully designed with embroidered facial features, styled yarn wigs & interchangeable clothing and are double-bag bean filled for safety. Each doll also has a friendship heart embroidered on her chest. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality plush products.

Sweet Lollies include Vivienne, Bella, Giselle and Lourdes who bake delicious treats made with love at the Devine Delights Bakeshop. Aurora products are available in more than 25,000 specialty stores and gift shops worldwide as well as online at

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Taddle Toes

Aurora’s all-new breakout character Yulli Yeti is sure to be a “monster” seller at retail. The award-winning Taddle Toes line, a runaway hit, expands to include seasonal styles while Aurora’s popular Mocha and Latte bear collection brings in the winter season with warm, festive scarfs and gingerbread accessories.

With its launch of Yulli Yeti (three sizes; 16”, 20” and 36”; $16, $27 and $80 respectively), Aurora brings a very popular figure to the plush market. Yetis are an everyday favorite in art, music, film, television and literature. The Mocha and Latte collection expands to include styles for the holiday season. Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte are “beary” cuddly with cozy scarfs and gingerbread accessories. An original Aurora design, Mocha and Latte are popular at retail thanks to high-quality fabrics and wide corduroy paws – the bear’s standout feature. Peppermint Mocha is available in four sizes (12”, 15”, 20” and 30”; SRP: $16, $22, $33 and $74, respectively) Gingerbread Latte in two sizes (12” and 15”; SRP: $16 and $22, respectively).

Taddle Toes (10”, $14), an Aurora best-seller thanks to chunky soft bodies, endearing faces and detailed, oversized feet, expands for the holiday season to include four styles: Taps Penguin, Howler Husky, Maple Moose and Scurry Mouse. Aurora products are available in more than 25,000 specialty stores and gift shops worldwide as well as online at

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My Little Pony

The MY LITTLE PONY plush collection has expanded to include over 35 trendy, stylish designs based on the most popular characters from the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” animated series produced by Hasbro Studios. PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH, APPLEJACK, RARITY, FLUTTERSHY, and for the first time ever, PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE are available in multiple styles, including seated (a first for MY LITTLE PONY plush in the gift market) and standing positions, a keychain “clip-on” assortment, as well as 12 ponies that each come with a personalized carrying bag.  Aurora’s MY LITTLE PONY plush collection is suitable for all ages and suggested retail prices range from $5 (keychains) to $20 (large seated or standing plush).

Aurora’s fast-growing, collectible MY LITTLE PONY plush line is based on the My Little Pony brand that has brought fun, friendship and magic to fans of all ages around the globe and features characters from the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” animated series, created by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the United States, Treehouse Network in Canada and globally in more than 170 countries. Aurora products are available in more than 25,000 specialty stores and gift shops worldwide as well as online at

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Girl Scout Friendship Dolls

Inspired by the Girl Scout mission to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place, YOTTOY Productions, Inc. has created soft dolls that celebrate personal style, diversity, and the power of friendship.  Three personalities are available and retail for $19.99: Cara, Chloe and Carina.


IKEA—The KVACK series

  • The Frog Prince, book $4.99: A grumpy fairy has put a spell on prince Karl. One day when he is playing in the Fairy Tale Forest, he suddenly turns into a frog.
  • Frog/prince soft toy $4.99 (this fun plush frog toy turns inside out to reveal the prince): All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief. In addition, they are reliable and tested for safety.
  • Frog Prince card game $4.99: This card game is a fun way for your child to train their memory as well as their visual and social skills.

For every soft toy and children’s book sold from November 9th-January 3rd, IKEA will donate $1 to Save the Children.

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The Genesis Bow

Original Genesis™ ($169) – the official bow of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) is another gift idea for kids this year. This bow is ideal for kids, beginners and adults. It also comes in 10 different cools colors and is completely customizable, thanks to Genesis’ Build A Bow option ($199). 

  • Kids can’t outgrow it because there is no specific draw length
  • It’s simple to buy – no need to measure and fit for draw length
  • It’s easy to shoot – because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won’t develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.  It also has adjustable draw weight of 10-20 pounds.
  • Great for families – everyone can shoot the same bow
  • Perfect for schools, clubs and organizations
  • Built to last – durable and tough

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