Trainings Required for Horses to Help Them Win Races


There are already certain specific breeds of horses which are being used for racing. However, breeding the correct kind of horse is not enough because necessary training is needed for enabling a horse to race properly. There is a program that conditions a horse for racing purposes, but this program is developed by considering several factors, these factors are discussed below:

  • Length of the race: Endurance races require horses to race throughout days and/or for long distances, so the horse needs to be trained for the kind of race.
  • The genetic makeup of the horse breed: This refers specifically to the muscle structure which depends on the breed of the horse. The breed will also determine the race in which the horse can take part.
  • Age of the horse: Younger horses are to be trained with sprinting exercises, but it is best to be careful so that lameness or injuries are not caused because it will negatively affect the horse’s learning ability.
  • Soundness of the skeletal structure of the horse: Horses that are four years old have a mature skeletal structure which is why the young horses are more prone to injuries due to lack of maturity of the bones and tendons. 

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 The glorious history of equestrian sports

The practice of horse racing in ancient civilizations can be derived from archaeological reports that indicate the conduction of races involving horses in places like Greece, Syria, Babylon and also Egypt. The racing of chariots had huge popularity in sports that was observed in Greek and Roman civilizations. The Greek Olympics held in the ancient age recorded racing of chariots and also horses with riders. The prominence of horse racing is also observed in the Pan-Hellenic Games. The Roman Empire had a major industry that involved horse racing with riders and also chariot racing.

The importance of the continuance of equestrian sports

It is well known that horses were used for transportation as well as in the battlefield for combat but apart from that riders and drivers also resorted to horse riding for providing entertainment to people. These involved quick races and competitions. The ability of the rider and the agility of the horse were important factors for winning competitions. Therefore a specific set of skills had to be learned by the rider, and the horse also had to be bred and trained appropriately. The modern era doesn’t need to use horses for combat purposes. 

If equestrian sports were not a part of the present society, then the skills learned by riders wouldn’t have been transferred through the ages. This has enabled present day jockeys for maneuvering their horses during races. Similarly, horses wouldn’t have been trained or bred if those are not necessary but the prevalence of horse riding sports activities fuels the industry of horse breeding and training.

Hence racing is still an important and enjoyable sport. To know more about racing in details, you can stay in touch with us.