Trending beauty hacks we cannot wait to try

With the ever-growing world of social media, one aspect we just cannot get enough of is the beauty looks and hacks and tips we see online. Whether you are scrolling through Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook or a different site there is so much out there showing you different great ways of creating beauty looks.

We love the beauty hacks, as we feel they make looks much more accessible. 

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Winged eyeliner? Yes please!

Having a wing on the end of your eyeliner can be such a cool sophisticated look. We like a simple black liner and a short sharp wing for this look, although why not try a range of colours and sizes to see what suits you? Winged eyeliner can seem quite daunting but with practice you can become great at it in no time. 

A great beauty hack to create this look without as much skill and practice is to use Sellotape. Yes, you heard us right tape can be a great way to do this in a no-fuss way. Cut a short strip and stick it at the edge of your eye in the position so that your desired wing would rest just above it. Then all you have to do is grab you favourite eyeliner from your makeup kit and draw just above the strip and joining it to your eye lid. Once this is done simply peel away the sticky tape to reveal a perfect sharp winged eyeliner look.

Bobby pins to the rescue

When we are creating hairstyles, one product that is always sure to come in handy are bobby pins. These slim little grips help keep our hair exactly how we want it. 

For a tip on how to make sure your bobby pins always stay in place and do not move or dislodge, try flipping them upside down so that the wavy side is against your head and the flat side is facing out. This is because the wavy side is much more grippy and the slick slide is less likely to stay secure. 

Textured braids

When creating a braid or plait look, you will probably be going between two looks, messy and textured or slick and tidy. If you are going for the messy and textured causal look one way to add texture to your braids is to use a toothbrush and gently rub the outside of the braids. 

This works to free some hairs and generally make the braids a little bit looser, thus creating the messy look you want. Alternatively, if you want your hair to be neat a great idea is to take you toothbrush out again and this time spray some hairspray on it and use it as a sort of comb as a way to stick any stray hairs down. 

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