Types of Pajamas And How To Buy The Right One

Pajamas are every infant’s wardrobe staple, and you should buy the right piece for your little one. The cool thing is there are many types of pajamas in the market you can go for, with the most common ones being:

Wearable blankets

Wearable blankets are one of the best sleeping outfits for kids during their first weeks of life. The outfits feature a bottom part without legs and often come with a bag that provides the baby with optimum comfort and warmth when sleeping.

The wearable blankets make a lot of sense to the little ones as you can’t cover them with ordinary blankets during the first few months of their lives as they can easily suffocate.

Also, the toddlers tend to move around a lot which means that when you cover them with an ordinary blanket, they won’t stay covered for long, and you have to keep on checking on them.

With the wearable blanket in place, you don’t have to keep worrying that your little human has uncovered himself.

Onesie with or without feet

Also known as bodysuits, onesies are one-piece outfits covering the baby from the shoulder to the bum. The outfits close between the baby’s legs, and they can be short or long-sleeved.

Since the outfit completely covers the baby, you don’t worry about him catching a cold in the middle of the night.

Onesies give you plenty of options. For example, if it’s cold and you want the baby to stay warm, you can cover his feet and if it’s hot, leave the legs uncovered for maximum comfort.

You can also go for onesies with buttons on the legs as they make it easy for you to change the diapers without undressing the baby in the middle of the night.

To get the most from onesies, go for those made from breathable cotton. You also should ensure that the outfits are long-sleeved, so they provide as much warmth as possible.

The onesie shouldn’t be too small as babies find it uncomfortable when you pull them from their neck to their feet.

The outfit shouldn’t be too large, especially if the baby is a few months old and can’t stop moving around. This is because when the pajama is too large, the baby gets tangled in the clothes, which can be scary and overwhelming for him.

To avoid this, take your time when shopping and find a properly sized outfit.

Baby gown

This is a unique one-piece, long-sleeved pajama that gathers at the bottom, encouraging the baby to keep their legs covered and at the same time allowing the baby to kick as a way to have fun and relax.

Baby gowns are best for younger babies (0-6 months) and work excellently in mild climates. 

The pajamas are also an excellent option if you love changing your baby’s diapers quickly without a lot of fuss.

When you are buying these outfits, ensure they are long enough to adequately cover the legs of your little one and leave enough room for him to kick.

Two-piece, with or without feet

The two-piece pajama becomes an excellent choice when babies begin to walk. The pajamas are like the traditional children’s pajamas, and they come with separate tops and pants.

They are an excellent option for those quick bottom-only changes at night or if you have a special needs baby that needs special access to different medical devices.

When buying the pajamas, ensure they are of the right size—they shouldn’t be too loose or baggy. They also shouldn’t be too tight that the baby is uncomfortable sleeping in them.

One of the most important things you should do when making the purchase is to ensure that the pajama can properly cover the baby’s back.

You can choose long or short pants or sleeves depending on your taste and environment.

What should you consider when buying baby pajamas?

As we have been saying, you need to be ultra-cautious when buying pajamas so that you get the most from them. Some of the things you should look out for when making the purchase include:


What is the material used in making pajama? Some of the most comfortable pajamas are made from cotton, so these are the best to go for, especially when the kids are small.

If your kids are a little big, you can go for nylon or silk pajamas. While these aren’t as warm as the cotton pajamas, they are comfy, so your kids will sleep soundly and comfortably.


As we have been saying, you should buy pajamas that are the right size for your kid. The pajama shouldn’t be too big or too small for your little one. If you love your kids dressed in tight-fitting Pjs, they should be snug and fit close to the body.


Where are you buying the pajamas? While you can buy them online or offline, you need to ensure that the store you are buying from is reputable and stocks high-quality pajamas.

If buying online, the store should have an easy user interface, and you should easily find what you are looking for. One example of a well-done store is https://www.lewisishome.com/collections/baby-pajamas.

Baby pajama safety tips

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are several safety tips you should observe to keep your baby safe when wearing pajamas. These tips include:

  • If your baby is less than 12 months, they should sleep on their back. 
  • For the small kids, don’t cover them with traditional blankets. Instead, cover them with wearable blankets. As mentioned above, this prevents the little ones from suffocating. 
  • If your baby tends to roll over as they are sleeping, don’t use Swaddlers on them.
  • Even if you live in extremely cold environments, avoid overlaying the little one. The American academy recommends you dress the baby in only one layer of pajamas than you are wearing.
  • Pajamas should be tight-fitting for the baby to move around easily, but they shouldn’t be too tight that the baby is restricted in their movement.