Types of Salon Customers and How To Attract Them

Types of Salon Customers and How To Attract Them

Welcoming a variety of customers to your salon can help build your business and generate more income. Each customer type has unique wants and needs when visiting a salon, which you can use to your advantage when tailoring your services. Let’s examine a few different types of salon customers and some tips on how to attract them.

The Bridal Party

One of the most profitable customer categories in the salon business are brides and their attending bridesmaids. These clients typically seek hair and makeup services for the big day, creating a prime opportunity to showcase your salon’s expertise.

To appeal to brides-to-be, offer beauty treatments catered to their needs, like lash lifts and brow tints. Other strategies to attract these customers include:

  • Collaborating with local wedding venues and bridal shops
  • Creating social media content showcasing your bridal hair and makeup work
  • Offering bridal packages at different price points
  • Hosting wedding-themed events at your salon

The Executive

Busy professionals often prioritize salon services that provide a quick and convenient experience without sacrificing quality. Time-saving grooming options are especially appealing to this customer type.

Attract executives by providing the following:

  • Online booking with flexible hours, including early mornings and later evenings
  • Express services such as blowouts, haircuts, and nail upkeep
  • Quiet or private areas for phone calls and emails between appointments
  • Loyalty programs with discounts and perks

The Beauty Enthusiast

These customers consider regular visits to the salon a quintessential part of their lifestyle. They enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup looks, and treatments. As trend-seekers, they’re likely to follow beauty influencers and brands on social media.

To attract beauty enthusiasts, you can:

  • Offer seasonal promotions on popular treatments and services
  • Use social media to share insider tips and demonstrate services
  • Host occasional workshops on trending beauty topics

The Self-Care Devotee

Some customers view salon visits as an opportunity to relax, recharge, and devote time to personal well-being. Their priority is feeling pampered while they enjoy their favorite treatments.

Cater to self-care devotees by:

  • Promoting a tranquil, calming salon atmosphere
  • Offering spa-like services, such as massages, facials, and aromatherapy
  • Scheduling additional time for consultations and personalized attention
  • Curating a self-care retail section with high-quality skincare and wellness products

Now that you know more about some common types of salon customers and how to attract them, you can tailor your services and grow your clientele. Whether you’re aiming to provide a luxurious experience for self-care devotees or looking to showcase your bridal expertise, cultivating a targeted approach can yield remarkable results.

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