Upgrades That Will Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Upgrades That Will Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Is your car a gas guzzler that costs you a fortune every time you fill up? It doesn’t have to be! Below, we’ll show you some simple upgrades that can instantly improve your car’s fuel economy.

The Air Filter

Perhaps the simplest way to make your car more fuel-efficient is something you should be doing regularly anyways—replacing the air filter. The air filter has the simple job of preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine and causing clogs and damage.

A dirty air filter naturally won’t catch as much dirt and dust as it should, leading to more debris clogging the engine and reducing performance and efficiency. A new air filter means a better-performing and more efficient engine.

New Tires

Another simple upgrade that will improve your car’s fuel economy is a new set of tires. Tires significantly affect a car’s performance and efficiency—and if the tires wear down, you will experience inefficient fuel economy.

The most efficient tires are low-rolling resistance tires, which can increase fuel savings by as much as 10 percent for drivers. Today, drivers can even buy tires online for added convenience, making the switch quick and easy.

Pro Tip: Ensure your tires are always inflated to their recommended PSI range for maximum fuel efficiency.

High-Flow Cold Air Intake System

One aftermarket part that you can install to boost your car’s fuel economy is a high-flow cold air intake system. The quality of air that enters the engine affects a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and stock intake systems only reduce noise without altering performance or efficiency.

A high-flow cold air intake system sends cold air that’s denser and more oxygen-rich to the engine. The more oxygen in the air for the engine, the better and more efficient it’ll run.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Another mod that drivers can install to enhance fuel efficiency is a cat-back exhaust system. A cat-back exhaust system features wider tubes and a more efficient airflow path for your car’s exhaust, reducing the energy needed to expel the dirty fumes from the engine.

Like with the cold air intake, a cat-back exhaust makes things easier for your engine—which improves performance and fuel economy. A new and improved exhaust system is ideal for drivers who want more power or efficiency in their vehicles.

Some of these upgrades and mods may be initially expensive, but the investment will be worth it when you save at the gas pump!

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