Ways To Combat Allergies While Air Traveling

Ways To Combat Allergies While Air Traveling

Preparing for a much-needed vacation is such an exciting experience. You’ve likely been counting down to this day since you began planning, and it’s finally here! After buying new clothes, having a self-care day, and packing all your essentials, you’re ready to go. But did you remember to pack your allergy medications and treatments? Traveling without your treatments can lead you to a very uncomfortable vacation. Here are a few ways to combat allergies while air traveling.

Pack Your Allergy Medications

As someone with allergies, the first thing you should pack in your carry-on bag is any medication or treatment needed to treat your symptoms. Packing decongestants, nasal sprays, or other medicines that will help keep you up and running is essential to staying healthy and having a good time on your trip.

Massage Your Face

Another way to combat allergies while air traveling is by massaging your face. It would be best if you massaged your sinuses before, during, and after your flight to release any pressure buildup. Sinus pressure can occur due to the difference between outdoor and airplane pressures. Your body is trying to regulate between the two, which can cause an uncomfortable feeling.

Use Saline Spray

Long flights are the worst for those with allergies. You never know where everyone’s been; someone or something onboard could trigger your allergy symptoms. Using saline spray will keep your sinuses moisturized, providing short-term relief. We recommend spraying once every hour or two to prevent dry and itchy sinuses.

Bring a Hypoallergenic Pillow

During the flight, you may feel sleepy and want to catch some shut-eye. Instead of laying your head on the seat or using an airline pillow, you should bring a hypoallergenic pillow. This pillow is resistant to dust mites and other small allergens that can cause flair-ups. The right pillow can contribute to a peaceful airplane ride to or from your destination.

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