Ways To Help Your Dog Stay Cool This Year

Ways To Help Your Dog Stay Cool This Year

We all know humans find ways to stay cool when the temperatures begin to soar. But are there ways we can help our furry friends? There sure are! It’s not as challenging as you may think. These are excellent ways to help your dog stay cool when the sun is shining.

Keep Your Dog Inside Midday

The middle part of the day is always the hottest. Avoid sending your dog outside to play or taking them for a walk during this time. It’s best for humans to avoid the midday heat too. Exercise together in the morning or as the sun sets and enjoy the cooler parts of the day.

Check the pavement before you head out to avoid burning your pup’s paws. You can touch the asphalt with your hand or spray water on it to see if it steams up.

If you must exercise during midday, shaded trails are an excellent way to beat the heat. The trees will help protect everyone from the sun while on a stroll.

Add More Water Play

Allowing your dog to play in the water is one of the best ways to keep them cool during the year. Almost every dog loves to run through the hose, splash in the pool, or swim around the lake. It’s an easy way to help them cool down and play simultaneously.

Find a dog-friendly beach and let them explore. Buy a kiddie pool and let your down splash around. Set up a sprinkler and watch them run around. Jump in and have fun alongside them. There’s no wrong way to participate in water play.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Keeping your dog hydrated is crucial, especially when the temperatures start to rise. Ensure they have an entire bowl of fresh, cold water to drink all day if you go to work or to run errands. If you’re going for a walk or run together, take an extra bowl and water with you for your dog. Give them water every 15 to 20 minutes to ensure your dog stays hydrated.

Stay on Top of Grooming

A good haircut and proper grooming are surefire ways to keep your dog cool. All dog breeds need weekly brushing, if not more. Take them to a professional groomer to ensure their coats are clean and trimmed up for the warm temperatures. The Barker Lounge has excellent professional grooming services that will leave you satisfied after each visit. Your pup will thank you for the haircut, and you can rest easy knowing they’ll stay cooler.

The above tips aren’t only for the summer. As long as it’s warm outside, your dog needs to stay cool. Follow them all year round.

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